@downey what's floss.social official position on censoring @purism ?

@shiba @purism As soon as we receive any reports on content from that instance that is contrary to our posted code of conduct (or related concerns) there will be an official position. As with local users, depending on the conduct, consequences could range from silencing to suspending users or the instance.

Until that point there's only my personal concern about their hypothetical statements so far: they're setting themselves up for big problems & damaging their business reputation.

@shiba Thank you for asking! Code of Conduct enforcement is a fragile thing and we want to ensure floss.social remains a place where folks can feel comfortable sharing their ideas with each other, even if we don't agree (respectfully)!

We have been really fortunate so far in that there have been very few issues in the first year. Mostly slam accounts that come in waves but that's easy to deal with.

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