Despite recent attempts by certain loudmouths at labeling me a neo-liberal supporter of , our day to day real work on use & protection for & work continues. Here's a preview of more to come this year.

@downey but labeling people makes life so much easier. I understand why they would want to put a label on you, because then they can just retreat to their known customs to deal with you.

It's stupid, but I see where it comes from.

@floris Labeling is a social shortcut, sure. What's hilarious is when people are 180-degrees incorrect with their labeling. πŸ™‚

The person in question has alienated too many potential allies to count from what I've heard, so I don't feel too special. πŸ†

@downey well, but you still seem to mind. That's part of the deal.

Now I don't know whether you mind because it's a crassly incorrect label, or because it has gotten to you somehow.

Either way, it sounds like they are not worth your energy, and even less so mine.

@floris At this point I only mind to the extent of being amused. I may not be the only one with the false label but it's fun to claim around people who know me. πŸ™‚

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