@downey You may want to have a look on the Public money? - Public code! campaign FSF(E) is having: publiccode.eu/

@uniporn Thanks! It's a great resource. We had a chat with them today after our session and are planning future collaboration!

@downey @uniporn

Public Money => Public Code
Public Data => Public Models

Don't be naive, friends.
Corporations like #Google, #Facebook, #Amazon, #Apple or #Microsoft don't need public money to build proprietary software.

They are going to support this initiative because ultimately it hurts their competitors more then them.

Don't stop at #money.
Think about #data.

If you use public data that people leak/emit unintentionally, all the models your #AI deduce must be public.

It's that simple.

@Shamar @uniporn Although public data is a laudable goal the approach of promoting it is different as the arguments are different. Much data from governments is private records of individuals and should not be disclosed. When not, of course it should be liberated under a license that protects its future.

But the 2 topics do not fully overlap. Public code can necessarily be leveraged into a global public good where data's universal utility may vary based on content.

@Shamar @uniporn And no, the private sector does not necessarily support a public code movement by default. Plenty of companies like Salesforce for example are still working hard to sell to governments to leverage their platforms in lieu of adopting or building digital global goods that can be reused. Most companies are more focused on hitting their quarterly sales goals than on taking business away from competitors per se.

@downey @uniporn

I think you are mixing orthogonal aspects, but I agree that all #software built with public #money should be #free, under a very strong #copyleft that bind everybody to keep it in the #Commons, defeating embrace, extend, extinguish practices by greedy corporations.

But #knowledge produced with public data should be likewise copylefted: #data is code and #code is data, an #AI model is no different from a binary program. It's just statistically produced.

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