If you have been avoiding the inevitable deployment of the superb discussion platform for your project, no more excuses. Free hosting from the project team for your project!


@downey Never ever use a web service from the USA.

@juh That seems to be a bit over-generalized. For what reasons?

@downey Why should we trust a corporation that want to make us slaves of their platform? And if at all why the hell should we trust a US corporation?

@juh That's a fine argument generally, but here we're talking about the group of lead developers of the Discourse open source project, who sell hosting of their project to people and orgs (or give it away to other open source projects) as a way to pay themselves to work on the project. Is that bad?

@downey It will get bad if the platform grows. Even if they are the niecest people in the world – and they might get bought by $BigMoney like GitHub.

@juh GitHub is a proprietary platform that was funded by VC's. Discourse is a tiny GPLv2 licensed open source tool. Apples and oranges. Sorry, but you're dead wrong here.

@downey If they are small they are cute and tell you "Don't be evil" but if they grow... no, been there.

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