I really need a Macro Lens for my XT-1 to capture all the details for my "Root Madness Gallery".

All this pictures was taken into


くそー! 早く目覚めるのは本当に嫌いです。

If you have some problems updating with ny-mirrors.evowise.com you must to change the repositories then you can update without a problem.

"got 'NOSPLIT' (does the network require authentication?)"

I guess my problem was "Select Best Server"

Excellent presentation Tobias Bernard "Adaptive Apps: The Future is Now" in


@gnome @guadec

! First up in Track 1 is "State of the Shell" with:
.- Carlos Garnacho
.- Florian Müllner
.- Georges Basile Stavracas Neto
.- Jonas Dreßler
.- Jonas Ådahl.

@gnome @guadec

2021 comienza esta semana! Únase a nosotros en la conferencia más grande de la comunidad , del 21 al 25 de julio.
El registro está abierto para todos, así que no olvide registrarse en: events.gnome.org/event/9/regis

I been this weekend so relaxed in town with a wonderful landscape and everything is so beautiful and obviously perfect place to be disconnected.

"Toconado es un lugar Inefable"

Uploading this Icons separately in for and obviously I need to create and upload a new design for this Icons.




@yuuz01 は優れたギタープレーヤーです

Ich liebe diese Playlist von "Ben Böhmer" live above Cappadocia in Turkey for Cercle.


GUADEC 2021 happens this month! Register now and join us on July 21-25 for talks, BoFs, workshops, and (best of all) social events. events.gnome.org/event/9/

Wow this is a really cool and obviously a great tool for learning how can we create this awesome tools for , I want to thank to @ArtKypcaht and @80Level for share this and I'm totally motivated to create my tools for too.


"Sano" I really like this Argentinian band they have a few songs but it's really good and here a link if you want to hear good music.


We're excited to support Open Source Summit India! Co-organized by Saintgits Open Source Club and FOSSASIA-Asia's largest Non Profit organization supporting developers and makers of Free and Open Source technologies, the summit is running now. oss2021.saintgits.org/#hero

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