A few weeks ago I began my adventure with buying a on ... While the unit ended up outputting the dreaded "black screen"; through research, some cool discoveries were made! I discovered the Reloaded MK II; a new board that uses the old C64 chips... I just bought one! However, I did not realize until now that I need to desolder the chips from my C64 to use it... This is why we hack. It's for these "happy accidents" 😅

My first real computer. Bought it brand new from Sears and then wrote a crap ton of games on it. Memories....

Actually, TI99 was my first but that was given to me by my uncle who worked for Texas Instruments. I never wrote anything in TI Basic though.

@Photocrimes i wish i had one at the time! who knows where i would be now! I ended up getting into the gaming industry as a direct result of my experiences with game consoles as a kid.

My first game console, Pong. No lie.

I kind of got started before consoles and never really got into them. I had a Sega Genesis and then a PS2 my younger brother gave me because I guess he felt sorry for me. Lol.

Sold the Sega and all the games on eBay a few years ago for more than I paid for them! Held on to it long enough for it to become collectable.

@davidpgil Welcome to the #retrocomputing rabbit hole. :) You may end up transferring your problem to the new board, of course. But at least there's a good chance, as a black screen is often (though not always) caused by a faulty PLA (it has a really high failure rate and is becoming a hassle to get fully compatible replacements), and the Mk.II edition of Reloaded has the PLA logic on-board and no longer requires that chip to be transferred, as did the Mk.I edition.

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