We just published CryptPad 2.14.0, codenamed Opossum. Check out the release notes on GitHub: github.com/xwiki-labs/cryptpad and try it on cryptpad.fr !

@switchingsocial Not sure if you already had CryptPad, a zero-knowlege-server-side service that does text-pads (like Etherpad, but actively developed) for code (with syntax highlighting) and formatted text, polls (similar to doodle), simple sketches, and presentations.

It's opensource, you can self-host it and even server admins cannot see any content.


The Chaos Computer Club Vienna @c3wien hosts a public instance.

Probably said many times, but I don't think the proposed #Fediverse logo is a good idea. Looks like a #pentagram to me.

Does anyone know where to submit another proposal?


Reminder: you are welcome to join us on January to discuss about Funkwhale, what we should do, how, etc.

Details are here: socialhub.network/t/funkwhale- :)

Rappel : vous êtes les bienvenu·es pour vous joindre à nous début janvier pour discuter de Funkwhale et de son avenir.

Tout les détails sont sur socialhub.network/t/funkwhale- :)

@ajroach42 @GluedToTheScreen @freakazoid hey I have a few ESP8266s on their way to me to build C64 modems, and I was just wondering if I could get SSH in there a few days ago. If you've got any code kicking around I'd love to take a look.

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Remember RadioShack? The company made a bold move in the 70s and introduced its very own PC. Read more in our Consumer Electronics Hall of Fame. Then, send photos of your favorite gadgets for a chance to win a Samsung Chromebook Plus. spectrum.ieee.org/consumer-ele  #IEEE

Original tweet: twitter.com/IEEESpectrum/statu

#AskMastodon #MastoAdmin Anyone with an instance that uses #SAML and has trouble with logins when using #Safari on Desktop or #iOS?

Please reach out to us. Trying to debug this, but we are stuck.

China’s robotic Chang’e 4 mission, carrying a suite of Chinese, German and Swedish instruments, is heading for the first landing on the far side of the moon next month after a successful launch Friday (US time). Read more details on the mission: spaceflightnow.com/2018/12/07/ twitter.com/SpaceflightNow/sta

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Weirdest Enter/Return key I’ve come across in my #retrocomputing travels. Quiz time! Do you know what it belongs to?

heyy so tumblr is officially imploding so i'm back lmao

#Fairphone is a smartphone manufacturer that goes to great lengths to be as ethical as possible.

They try to source raw materials from ethical sources as far as possible, and their phones are modular: if a component breaks, you can replace it yourself without special tools.

The phone's operating system can also be replaced.

Their website is:


and you can follow them on here:


There's also a community site:


#AlternativesAtoZ #Smartphones

A few people have suggested pixelfed as an alternative to tumblr but we do not allow text-only posts.

If you are looking for a federated tumblr alternative please consider the following projects:

- Pleroma (pleroma.social/)

- Mastodon (joinmastodon.org)

- Misskey (misskey.xyz/)

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