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💥 Hello everyone! I'm a veteran artist and coder who has worked on several , , and titles.

I currently do Technical for an online casino game company. In my spare time I tinker with in and composition .

Welcome to and don't forget to , , and ! Check out @switchingsocial for more info on reclaiming your power!

Assume any information you share with Google will become public eventually.

Reduce your exposure as much as possible.

Use encrypted open source alternatives. If you don't care about your privacy, nobody else will.


From #Reddit #Bitcoin: Jamie Dimon: Bitcoin is a scam. Also Jamie Dimon: Let's file 20 blockchain patents so we don't miss out on this blockchain thing. *facepalm* #Bitcoin

Yoo!!! I just found out how to add 'save for web' to GIMP so I don't have to use PS in wine, now nothing's stopping me from making my damn 2d art! bwahaha

sudo apt-get install gimp-plugin-registry

❓ Which model of the is best for development? I don't know much about but I am starting to see there are some different models and I don't want to screw up when buying. I saw a VIC-20 but I think thats an older model? I think I need as late as possible model, no?

You can see a demo of my minimal, brutalist no-JS Mastodon front-end running on my home server:

Or, if you fancy a bit more grunt, you can clone it and run it for your own instances :)

#Mastodon #Pleroma #ActivityPub #fediverse #Planiverse

hey yall, if you’re looking for ways to help after the hurricane, here are a couple things to note:
-sending cash doesn’t feel as good as sending stuff, but it’s actually much more effective
-local grassroots organizations have a better sense of the needs of communities than big NGOs
-before giving to a new charity, check their score on Charity Navigator
-the Red Cross is trash

your friendly neighborhood nonprofit worker

Pretty much the only reason 4GB RAM is the minimum for a usable system is because browsers/the web are so bloated.
I wrote a fragment shader that combines the weave and striation shaders from yesterdato get something that looks somewhat like a woven textile, at least at some zoom levels. At others it just has spectacular aliasing artifacts.

Is there such a thing as something like but without chat that can be hosted locally and be a database for peoples profiles... ?

Shortcut keys on computers are crazy unintuitive. Command + down arrow to open a file in the Finder? No easy way to maximize a window with a shortcut key? Does not compute. 😬

I think I want to know how I can run on a -V processor. How do I go about doing this?

@davidpgil haven't heard of that book, but I have the same dream and heard that this one is good (going to start reading it now):

Worth 43 minutes of your time.
Important to understand going forward.

TFW You try for a 700 Tesla magnetic field and accidentally get 1,200 Tesla instead

Scientists at University of Tokyo set out to do an experiment on high power magnetic fields and blew up the experiment in the process (no one got hurt)

[Flash warning]

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