A co-worker of mine was walking by my desk as I was browsing nycmesh.net/map and he was like, "...oh, you mesh?" SO COOL! Going to ask my neighbor if they are cool with joining in!

Really happy that Mastodon is defaulting to a single-column UI. A whole class of usability problems for first-time users just melts away with this choice. (And power users still have the option to go into the settings! Which is a thing power users love to do!) blog.joinmastodon.org/2019/06/

✅ Easy Installation

✅ Powerful Admin Dashboard

✅ One click updates

Shipping in v0.9.5 with Remote Follows!


We will be performing maintenance to the service this evening.

We expect minimal downtime!

It works! I have completed initial work on the Math Acceleration Unit for the 3B2/400 simulator. Still rough around the edges, but I haven't found any egregious errors yet, and it passes all diagnostics.

We are getting dangerously close to remote follows in Pixelfed 🚀

We have removed following/follower ActivityPub collections.

We found no use for it in pixelfed to pixelfed federation. #privacy #pixelfed

...and it's gone!

(Note: It may still be visible while Kobo processes the delisting.)

Thank you to everyone who bought the Switching Social Handbook :blobcheer: 👍 🎉

If you want to support switching.social, the best thing you can do is tell people about the site: share the link, mention the alternatives listed, spread the word.

Did you know there's a fully free cross-platform wrapper for the Need For Speed™ II SE game with 3D acceleration and TCP protocol?!

Just copy a couple of data folders from your original game disc and you're ready to play on GNU/Linux, Windows, or Android!


#FreeSoftware #LibreGaming #NeedForSpeed #NFS #NFSII #NFSIISE #Gaming #FreeGaming #RetroGaming

I'm pretty happy about #riot / #matrix , been using it a lot lately. A great step forward for decentralized community chatting! :D

#decentralized #opensource #floss #foss #linux

Laetitia Ky, artist from the Ivory Coast in West Africa, who creates sculptures using her own hair #womensart t.co/KUK4bN3pHE

I'm delisting the switching.social handbook at the end of next week (Sunday 9th June), so if you want to buy a copy now is your final chance:


#SwitchingSocial #eBooks #Alternatives

What if your Social Media, Email, & Chat were run by a company that...

- Doesn't sell ads
- Doesn't sell data
- Doesn't look at your junk

It exists. Right now.


I was interviewed by Fast Company about @purism hardware kill switches in this piece on the current trend to put them in home automation devices to address everyone's unease with always-on cameras and mics in their bedroom. #privacy

Librem One is over 92% of the way to our backer goal! WAY ahead of schedule!

If you haven't already signed up, now might be a good time to at least grab a free account (chat & social media) so you have your user name reserved. ;)


@purism Just purchased the Librem.One service package. So far, so good. Plan on dumping Google.

I would gladly dial back a decade of "progress" if I instead could have proper privacy and security BECAUSE NOTHING DID ACTUALLY IMPROVE ANYWAYS THE LAST WASTED DECADE IN REGRESSING PSEUDO HIP TECH.

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