Where are some good homes for and accounts? How about good clients? In the future I'll host for myself and others.

@dancefighter69 conversations or (a fork of conversations) for Android. Dino for desktop. If using windows, there's a fork/port of Dino for windows too.

@dancefighter69 Have a look at .

For clients I can recommend Conversations from F-Droid, Monal on iOS and Dino or Gajim on Linux.

If you want to self-host checkout @snikket_im or @prosodyim .

@dancefighter69 We have a pretty awesome XMPP server at the Chaostreff Bern. But then, I would think so of course, since I am the one maintaining it ;)

For clients I recommend Dino on desktop and conversations on Android.

@vimja @dancefighter69 if there are any iOS users in the mix, then Snikket is about the best you can get as it's one of the few that can handle notifications properly on that system. They also offer hosting for the service side.

In France there are several local associations that offer xmpp and matrix servers.
You can probably find some asso like that in your country and donate to them until you can self-host. Nheko (feature-rich) and FluffyChat (Push notifications possible without Google services) are good Matrix clients. Here is a list:

@dancefighter69 For xmpp clients I use dino-im on Debian and conversations on Android.

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