pipx = install & run Python apps in isolated environments (similar to npx for nodejs). github.com/pipxproject/pipx #devops #tips

Package Release: 04/30 nautilus 40.1 Nautilus: a file manager for the GNOME desktop wiki.gnome.org/Apps/Files

Package Release: 04/29 qemu 6.0.0 QEMU: an open source machine emulator and virtualiser wiki.qemu.org/

@juliobiason I've found this series of articles incredibly useful mkdev.me/en/posts/dockerless-p

It goes into details in how to build an image that I didn't fully grasp. What I really liked that it set the right mindset.

When (NTLM) relaying potatoes lead you to domain admin... A "permanent" 0day Privilege Escalation Vulnerability in Windows RPC Protocol ;-) labs.sentinelone.com/relaying- #infosec

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