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Open Source Summit Latin America is about to begin! Join us today at 3:00 pm UTC as Gabriel Krisman Bertazi kicks things off with "A Guardian Angel of File Systems: Monitoring for File System Errors in Data Centers"! @linuxfoundation

Less than 24 hours to go before the Latin America Virtual Experience begins! Catch five different talks by our teammates from build system applications to team connections.

Only a few days to go before the inaugural Latin America! Join us next week as we dive into , look at how to slim down dependencies, discuss stateless video decoder virtualization & more! https:/ @linuxfoundation

Join us next week for the very first edition of Open Source Summit Latin America! Catch 5 different talks by our teammates from Meson build system applications to remote team connection. @linuxfoundation

Freshly released, the latest kernel boasts quite a few changes merged into the mainline. Take a look at the interesting contributions made by our engineering team for kernel 5.19!

Recently we asked our team to get outside and capture a glimpse of their environment. This initiative was a fun way to encourage each other to pause for some fresh air.

To take a closer look at all the wonderful places we've explored, check out our interactive image:

New blog post! Adventures in NIR-land: the past, the present, and what's lies ahead for the native NIR back-end for Mesa's R600 driver.

New: Released a few weeks ago, was the first bug-fix release in several years for the compositor. Here's a summary of what was fixed over the last few months:

Coming up at 2:55 CDT (7:55 UTC) at : "Labeling Tools are Great, but What About Quality Checks?" - How label errors affect the training process (and how can help). Room 303/304 (or via live stream):

Tomorrow at 's Open AI & Data Forum, Jakub Piotr Cłapa talks QA tools & datasets in "Labeling Tools are Great, but What About Quality Checks?". Join us!

Another day at , another talk by Dave Bevan! Join us at 11.50am CDT (4:50pm UTC) in room 205 as Dave presents "Remote Doesn’t Mean Distant - Managing Teams Effectively from Different Geographies"!

Well ahead of the curve, Collabora continues to successfully expand with new talent amply on deck. Meet the newest members of our crew who've joined the mission from their respective corners of the planet!

What do we mean when talking about ? What are peoples preconceptions & how can we navigate around them? Join us tomorrow at 's Diversity Empowerment Summit as Dave Bevan discusses hiring & retaining diverse talent!

Join us next week at Open Source Summit North America as we highlight the benefits of a people-first driven approach & look at how label errors affect the machine learning training process!

New blog post! Getting , an open source driver for Arm Mali Midgard & Bifrost GPUs, closer to conformancy by implementing one of the core features: support for secondary command buffers.

Panfrost's Initial Arm Mali Valhall Support Sent In To DRM-Next For Linux 5.20

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