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Just landed: Support for dmabuf-feedback, aka dmabuf-hints, in both Mesa & Weston, enabling more efficient buffer allocation when using hardware overlay planes. Will be released in Weston 10.0 & Mesa 22.1. 🎉🥳 &

The Finale: In Mike Blumenkrantz's last update for 2021, we learn Zink is now running games faster than DXVK! , for the win!

What if Zink was actually the fastest GL driver? In Mike Blumenkrantz's latest update, he reveals with NVIDIA’s Vulkan driver is roughly 25-30% faster than NVIDIA’s GL driver for Tomb Raider!

Landing in 2022: Copper, a new DRI interface extension for , enabling Zink to render more efficiently, support more drivers, and work on more platforms including supporting compositors!

It might be smaller then the last few kernels, but with well over 10,000 non-merge changes, kernel 5.15 still packs a punch. Here's a look at contributions made by Collaborans for this Halloween release:

We're very happy to be sponsoring the first edition of , a new conference for developers of package management software, software packagers and communities! Streaming live tomorrow & Wednesday! Join us!

WirePlumber: the new PipeWire session manager - Christian Schaller sits down with George Kiagiadakis to discuss the new session manager in !

Now that is part of , interested in learning more about 's session manager? Here, George Kiagiadakis demonstrates how you can implement a custom, powerful & secure audio/video stream routing service using PipeWire & WirePlumber.

With the release of 35, has now officially entered the desktop space! Lead developer George Kiagiadakis celebrates this significant milestone, which brings WirePlumber as the default session manager for : 🥳🎉

Kernel news: Gabriel Krisman Bertazi's patchset to trigger notifications when a file system error occurs in the kernel has been accepted & should make it into 5.16!

All the latest on , including Mesa 21.3, Bioshock Infinite, & more, courtesy of Mike Blumenkrantz

Maintaining a non-trivial set of patches can be tricky. Thanks to the recent move to a single, unified git repo, you can now easily run a GStreamer continuous integration pipeline on your own instance. Here's how:

Coming up live tomorrow at 11:00 AM PST (6:00 PM UTC), don't miss Jakob Bornecrantz's deep dive into , the OpenXR runtime for !

On-demand technical sessions now available at ! Take a deep dive into the many approaches & techniques for graphics , as Daniel Stone presents "Demystifying Virtualized Graphics for Client, Cloud, and Edge."

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