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With the LLVM toolchain seeing increasing development & adoption alongside the older, more established GNU toolchain, projects needing to support both, like the GNU C library, are facing questions. Here's a tale of two toolchains & glibc, by Adrian Ratiu:

An + dilemma. What to watch at 14:45 PDT? Gustavo Noronha's "Using Rust Build Scripts to Leverage Existing Build Infrastructure" ( or Daniel Stone's "Demystifying Synchronisation" ( Decisions, decisions.

Live now at , Christopher Obbard presents "Behind the Curtains of Making Real Consumer Devices using Debian".

Coming up at 10:30 PDT at , Alyssa Rosenzweig discusses the state of open 3D graphics drivers on , with a taste of the technical challenges involved.

The open graphics stack, using build scripts to leverage existing build infrastructure, demystifying graphics & media work synchronisation, deep learning on . It's all part of Day 3 at + !

Today at , Benjamin Gaignard dives into stateless decoding in mainline & George Kiagiadakis looks at how to implement a powerful and secure audio/video stream routing service using and ! Join us!

Day 1 about to begin at + 2021! Coming up at 11:15 PDT/18:15 UTC, Guy Lunardi joins Kate Stewart, Maarten Koning, Jan Kiszka, Steffen Evers & Thomas Gleixner to discuss Industrial Linux Beyond 2022. Don't miss it!

An summer of code: Lubosz Sarnecki recaps what was accomplished during , which saw both students successfully complete their projects & submit merge requests! Kudos Remco & Manas!

Earlier this week, achieved official conformance on Mali-G52 for ES 3.1, certifying its use in commercial products containing the Mali-G52. Here's what Alyssa Rosenzweig had to say about this important milestone:

Next week, Collaborans will be giving with 7 talks (!) at OSSummit + ELC, on topics including build scripts, deep learning on , decoding on mainline , & WirePlumber, & consumer devices, and more! See you there?

today: Join us for the GPU/media/AI buffer management & interop MC, led by Daniel Stone. Watch live, beginning at 7:00 PDT / 14:00 UTC:

Kernel news: Yet another new version of futex_waitv() has been submitted by André Almeida! It addresses feedback from the session earlier this week about futex2 syscalls, bringing it closer than ever to being merged.

Coming up on Friday at , the GPU/media/AI buffer management & interop microconference, led by Daniel Stone, will focus on kernel support for new graphics hardware that is coming out in the near future. Don't miss it!

The Testing & Fuzzing MC is now underway at ! If you aren't registered, you can still watch live here:

Attending this week? Don't miss the Testing & Fuzzing MC, taking place tomorrow! Led by Sasha Levin & Guillaume Tucker, this microconference focuses on advancing the current state of testing of the kernel.

GStreamer can be tricky to ship in a constrained device. Thanks to a partnership with Huawei, you can now use gst-build to generate a minimal build, tailored to your needs. Here's how.

Coming up today on Day 1 at , don't miss Alyssa Rosenzweig's lightning talk on the state-of-the-art of the driver for Arm Mali GPUs, including support for the new instruction set architecture.

Kernel news: Andrzej Pietrasiewicz has submitted v4 of the VP9 uAPI, which adds a codec control interface & two drivers using the new controls. v4 addresses review comments from v3.

Kernel news: André Almeida has now submitted v3 of futex_waitv! This new version increases the code reuse for 32 and 64 bits platforms, and adds ARM support.

Zink OpenGL-On-Vulkan Tackling Support For More Games via

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