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Thanks to a new, low overhead extension in Mesa, & applications can now talk to each other, bringing more flexibility to application developers while easing the transition path between the industry-standard APIs! Learn more:

Kernel news: Dafna Hirschfeld has added support for the ANX7688 USB-C display bridge driver behind the Embedded Controller. Another step to have full external monitor support on 's MT8173 elm , like the Acer R13. @ChromiumDev

Collabora has been investing into to enable driver authors and users to get deep insights into driver internals & GPU performance. Here's how we applied this work to study workloads on the virtualized implementation.

PipeWire: the new audio and video daemon in Fedora Linux 34 - An interview with Wim Taymans, by Christian Schaller

Join us this Friday at , as Jakob Bornecrantz looks at the current state of VR/AR on the desktop, and explains how to build apps using the API!

DKMS is a framework mostly used to build & install external kernel modules. However, did you know it could also be used to patch modules of the current kernel to apply a specific fix? Here's how:

Collaborans continue to expand on their efforts to close the gap between hardware support on vendor trees and mainline. Here's a look at where things stand with the release of kernel 5.12:

GTK4 & Visual Studio, continued: you can now build as a subproject for your application! Xavier Claessens explains how, including the simple steps needed to build GtkSourceView 5.0 & GTK4's media backend with !

Note, users should not update their current patch to v3, they should stick with v2 for now.

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Kernel news: André Almeida has submitted V3 of the patch series to bring syscalls to the kernel! This new set of syscalls aims to solve long standing issues of this interface and better emulate WinAPI for Linux gaming.

Video: 2020 was undoubtedly a watershed year for graphics drivers on . In this talk presented at , Alyssa gives an annual status update of open drivers for Arm GPUs with a view of what's to come.

Recently, we have been using to successfully profile Apitrace traces in through renderer. The tools provided by Perfetto can be very effective for profiling virtualised GPU acceleration. Antonio Caggiano explains how:

"Daniel’s insight, perspective and extensive knowledge of Wayland and Weston were critical in helping us properly understand our choices and ensuring WSLg started on a solid foundation." Kudos Daniel!

New blog post! Marcus Edel presents our latest project: Continuous 3D Hand Pose Tracking using Machine Learning & Monado OpenXR

Video: Presented last month at , Nicolas Dufresne takes a deep dive into stateless video decoder support for , including the effort to bring native support in both & .

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