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New year, new kernel: A look at Collabora's contributions to 5.11, including the new User Dispatch mechanism, the destaging of both the stateless decoding interface & the ISP driver.

New blog post! Introducing High Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC) decoding support on NXP's i.MX8 M chipset

Announcing 21.0.0, the first major release of the OpenXR runtime for Linux & now an officially conformant implementation!

Updated Patches Posted For The Kernel With A Focus On Helping Games via

"Holochip has developed an extension plugin to Collabora’s open source Monado OpenXR runtime which enables light field rendering and input from any actions compatible system, including gesture recognition."

Video: Presented last month at , André Almeida gives an update on futex2, a work in progress system call to replace the current futex implementation in the kernel

Only a few hours to go before 2021! Join us tomorrow (Saturday) at 10:10 CET as Guillaume Tucker presents "KernelCI has passed the test. Over to you!"

Video: Aaron Boxer & Marcus Edel present "Transparent Open Source AI Video Analytics with Panfrost", recorded last month at !

New blog post! Meet gltrim, a new tool recently added to apitrace designed to trim replayable traces to single, user-defined frames:

In the spirit of becoming a & standard earlier this week, here's a quick guide on how to get it running with on , using gst-build!

: André Almeida provides an update on the current status of futex2 - Wine & Proton now have support for futex2!

This weekend at , Marcus Edel & Aaron Boxer present "Transparent Open Source AI Video Analytics with Panfrost". Join us Sunday at 14:25 AEDT (UTC+11)!

Psst... We're ! Collabora is looking for a passionate & enthusiastic software developer, with contributions to , to join our ever growing geographically-distributed domain team! Interested? Learn more:

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