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How to contribute to projects—without writing code via @techrepublic

In case you missed it, here's the video yesterday's webinar, discussing the group's progress, code examples, experimental overlays & hand tracking extensions, as well as an update on !

One final talk to end & EU 2020! Join us at 19:30 GMT today as André Almeida presents "A New Futex2() System Call".

Day 3 about to begin at / ! First up at 12:00 GMT, Adrian Ratiu looks at how regmaps brings more flexibility to your device drivers & how it has been used in mainline in the MIPI-DSI & Hantro media accelerator drivers. See you there!

: Today at 19:30 GMT, don't miss Gabriel Krisman Bertazi's "State of Linux Gaming", as he looks at the ongoing work to prepare the kernel to emulate modern games! @valvesoftware @gamingonlinux

Coming up at 13:00 GMT at , Helen Koike joins Briana Oursler, Irenge Jules Bashizi, Lourdes Pedrajas, Shreeya Patel, Kaaira Gupta for a panel discussion on the kernel report! (registration required)

First up today at 12:00 GMT at , Mylène Josserand demystifies the magic behind kernel ! Learn about their purpose and benefits, how they are implemented & ways to debug and trace them.

Note to all attending Day 2 at + : make sure to drop by our booth & ask about our opportunities for 2021! You can also read this great post by Gustavo Noronha & Olivier Potin to learn more: !

Tomorrow's / lineup: Mylène Josserand presents "Demystifying Linux Kernel ", Helen Koike joins the Outreachy Kernel Internship Report panel & Gabriel Krisman Bertazi looks at the state of Linux ! See you there!

Last but not least in our (very) busy Day 1 at & , join us at 19:30 GMT as Guillaume Tucker leads a BoF session on lessons learned since became a Linux Foundation project 1 year ago this week!

Next up at 17:15 GMT at , Gabriel Krisman Bertazi presents "Efficient Syscall Emulation on Linux", where he'll look at the new User Dispatch mechanism which arrived in 5.9. See you there!

Next up at , Christopher Obbard presents "Creating Debian-Based Systems in the Using ". Watch live at 16:15 GMT

Our first talk at is coming up in 45 minutes! Join us at 14:15 as Helen Koike presents "Image Signal Processing (ISP) Drivers & How to Merge One Upstream"

Day 1 at the Summit + Conference EU Virtual Experience has now begun! Come say hello in the Sponsor Showcase, or join us for one of our many talks! See you there!

Coming up on Monday at & : efficient syscall emulation on , creating based systems in the cloud using , fuzzing Linux drivers with , a BoF on & more! Join us!

Join us next week for the Summit + Conference EU Virtual Experience! Collaborans will be actively participating, with no less than eight presentations, a BoF on , and two panel discussions!

Released last week, kernel 5.9 brings a number of improvements and new features contributed by Collaborans, notably in hardware support (hello Lenovo's IdeaPad Duet ), multimedia, graphics & testing. Take a look:

The concept of a may raise some doubts, or even red flags, for many students, as would remote jobs for professionals. As a result, we pay extra attention to how we onboard and support our interns. Learn more:

Attention students! About to graduate? Ready to venture into software development on a professional level? Check out our 2021 paid to work on upstream projects!

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