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Earlier this week, the massive 5.8 kernel was released, bringing with it Collabora's biggest & most significant contributions yet! Here's a look at what our kernel developers have been working on:

Third recording posted from the + Virtual Experience! Nicolas Dufresne presents "Linux Stateless Video Decoder Support"

Another day, another new video! Julian Bouzas presents "PipeWire: The New Multimedia Service, Now Ready for Automotive", recorded a few weeks ago the + Virtual Experience!

New blog post! Interested in learning more about initcalls? Read on as Mylène Josserand takes a closer look, including their purpose in the kernel, their usage, ways to debug them, and more.

New video! Helen Koke presents "Image Signal Processing (ISP) Drivers & How to Merge One Upstream", recorded earlier this month at the + Virtual Experience!

Earlier this year, we announced a new project with @microsoft : the implementation of & to translation layers. Here's the latest on this work, including steps taken to improve the performance of the OpenGL-On-D3D12 driver.

Despite the many obstacles brought on by the pandemic, Collabora continues to build and strengthen its engineering and administration teams for the road ahead. Join us in welcoming Angelica, Raghavendra, Doug, Italo and Theodotos!

Video: Adrian Ratiu presents "Tracing Resource-constrained Embedded Systems Using eBPF", recorded at Embedded Linux Conference Europe 2019 in Lyon!

Syzkaller is much needed tool for kernel testing & debugging. With some work, it can also be enhanced to find bugs in specific drivers, such as . Here's how:

Video: Boris Brezillon presents "Open Source Graphics 101: Getting Started", recorded at Embedded Linux Conference Europe 2019 in Lyon!

Upstreaming ISP drivers, & automotive, stateless video codec support, stack with , & Lite. It's all part of the + Virtual Experience, taking place later this month! Join us!

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