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Recording now available! "Unifying Reality: Building Experiences with OpenXR", an master class presented in last month at !

Weekend reading: Cross-compiling with gst-build, one of the main build systems used by the community to develop the platform

GL Over @VulkanAPI Now Supports Conditional Rendering - Stepping Towards @OpenGL 3.0

New blog post! Syzkaller: fuzzing the kernel (Part 3) - How does report a bug it finds in the execution path of a system call? Let's add a new syscall description and see how it goes.

News: with
support is here! Sponsored by Valve, this release of the project enabling interaction with traditional desktop environments, such as @gnome & @kdecommunity , in , brings the largest amount of changes yet!

New blog post! An in-depth look at WirePlumber, the modular and extensible session manager for

In case you missed it, the recording of last month's "Open Source GPU Drivers BoF" at , hosted by Tomeu Vizoso, is now available! Watch here:

A new monado-service binary & out of process compositor has landed in , the fully runtime for ! Thank you Pluto VR for sponsoring this work!

New blog post! With @rustlang gaining traction among the community as an alternative to C to write applications and plugins, we began wondering, could the size of such Rust plugins be a problem for systems?

The project building a free, graphics driver for modern Mali GPUs has reached a new milestone: the first 3D render, including basic texture support, on a chip (Mali G31)!

Ever wonder what it must be like to work at a remote-oriented company during lockdown? Here, Peter shares how he's been able to get back to his main hobby, all while becoming more integrated with his local community. (and ) for the win!

Recording now available! "Wayland & Weston: 8 years of production devices", presented by Daniel Stone, earlier this month at ! Watch here:

In these times of disruption & uncertainty, how about some positive news for a change? Let's take a moment to celebrate the newest Collaborans, who joined earlier this year! Welcome Mylène, Christopher, Melissa, Ricardo and Leandro!

Tomorrow at 15:20 CEST, join us at for "Unifying Reality: Building Experiences with OpenXR", a masterclass on presented by Ryan Pavlik! Registration is free & open to all!

Alyssa Rosenzweig, Software Engineer at Collabora & lead developer is among the 2020 first quarter Google Open Source Peer Bonus winners! @GoogleOSS

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