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Tomorrow at 15:20 CEST, join us at for "Unifying Reality: Building Experiences with OpenXR", a masterclass on presented by Ryan Pavlik! Registration is free & open to all!

Alyssa Rosenzweig, Software Engineer at Collabora & lead developer is among the 2020 first quarter Google Open Source Peer Bonus winners! @GoogleOSS

software development thrives on remote collaboration, and continues to do so in 2020, with multiple projects announcing releases in the first quarter. (Photo credit: Dianne Policarpio via @unsplashbot

Git turns 15, and becomes even more important for distributed development

Arm Frame Buffer Compression (AFBC) support for , coming soon to mainline ! Learn more:

New video! Olivier Crete looks at how software is now used throughout the broadcast chain, from initial capture to delivery, to create complete end-to-end solutions.

Thanks to everyone who joined the talk at today! Don't forget, tomorrow at 15:00 GMT, Tomeu Vizoso hosts a BoF to discuss the current state of GPU drivers on ARM & what's planned for 2020!

Despite the challenges presented by COVID-19, kernel development continues. Here's a look at the various projects Collaborans have been involved in, and the progress made in kernel 5.6, released over the weekend.

Tomorrow at 16:00 GMT, join us on Zoom & YouTube Live for as Daniel Stone presents "Wayland & Weston: 8 years of production devices"! The session is free to attend & open to all!

This week at Linaro Tech Days, Daniel Stone presents "Wayland and Weston: 8 years of production devices" & Tomeu Vizoso hosts a GPU Drivers BoF! All sessions are free to attend & open to all! Join us!

Day 1 of @fossnorth is live now! Coming up in 45 minutes, Jakob Bornecrantz presents "FOSS Virtual & Augmented Reality"! Watch here:

New blog post! André Almeida looks at , a valuable tool to apply fuzzing to syscalls & detect bugs in the kernel.

Today, we are excited to announce a partnership with Microsoft to build and mapping layers on , in order to bring OpenCL 1.2 and OpenGL 3.3 support to all Windows and DirectX 12 enabled devices! Learn more:

Coming up tomorrow at the online edition, Lakshmipathi Ganapathi presents "Automated OS Testing Using Containers"! Watch live here:

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