New blog post! Initcalls, part 2: Digging into implementation - Mylène Josserand dives further into Linux kernel initcalls, with a look at the colorful __device_initcall() macro, the rootfs initcall, and more.

meets : Introducing an accurate & light-weight deep network for video super-resolution upscaling, running on a completely open source software stack using !

Following the excellent online editions of , & , this year's lineup of great virtual conferences continues this week with , which begins... TOMORROW! Join us!

Weekend reading: continues to evolve with the recent integration of , a library to support complex cameras. Read on to learn more about the integration, and how to give it a try!

Video: "Bringing to mobile phones, one package at a time", presented by Arnaud Ferraris at MiniDebConf Online

First day of talks at ! Join us at 19:30 UTC today as Rohan Garg presents "Linux Graphics 101", a look at what goes on behind the scenes in the graphics world!

Weston 9.0 released with new testing framework featuring automated DRM and GL testing, 'kiosk' mode for single-use devices, Xwayland fixes, and more!

New week, new blog post! Pushing pixels to your - How the graphics stack is used within & the work done to improve software rendering (while simultaneously improving GPU rendering!)

Video: "Open Build Service and Debian Packaging", presented by Andrew Lee (李健秋), earlier this week at !

New blog post (in the spirit of )! Using the Linux kernel's Case-insensitive feature in Ext4 - why this (controversial) feature was merged, what improvements have been made since, and how to put it to work.

Tomorrow at and : Open Build Service and packaging, a look at 's growing ecosystem & the latest on efforts to unify test reporting. Join us!

FUTEX2 Still Being Worked On For Benefiting Linux Gaming & Much More

Day 1 at & the Real-time MC is about to begin! Coming up in 30 minutes (7:30 PST/14:30 UTC), Andre Almeida presents "futex2: A New Interface". Watch live here:

August ends on a high note with two big events this week: and ! We're proud to be a returning sponsoring for these two conferences which, for the first time, are taking place entirely online!

What better way to end the week than with some Panfrost news? We have now integrated Mali GPU hardware counters supported by with Perfetto's tracing SDK, unlocking all-in-one graphics-aware profiling on Panfrost systems!

Don't miss the 2020 Virtual , streaming live TOMORROW! Collaboran Antonio Caggiano will be attending, come say hello!

One more round for the uAPI cleanup, which aims at being stabilized and promoted as a first-class public uAPI soon. Ezequiel, Nicolas Dufresne & the community are working hard to make this happen!

Following our recent talk at , many showed interest in learning more about . With that in mind, here's a new blog series, on , & building a system on the edge!

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