: André Almeida provides an update on the current status of futex2 - Wine & Proton now have support for futex2!

This weekend at , Marcus Edel & Aaron Boxer present "Transparent Open Source AI Video Analytics with Panfrost". Join us Sunday at 14:25 AEDT (UTC+11)! linux.conf.au/schedule/present

Psst... We're ! Collabora is looking for a passionate & enthusiastic software developer, with contributions to , to join our ever growing geographically-distributed domain team! Interested? Learn more: col.la/mesadev

Coming up this Saturday at 10:45 AEDT at linux.conf.au, André Almeida gives an update on futex2, a work in progress system call to replace the current futex implementation in the kernel. Join us! linux.conf.au/schedule/present

New blog post! Jaskaran Singh looks back at his work implementing a performance boosting algorithm in , a Linux kernel development tool. col.la/h5jd8

And we're off! Join us as our 2021 conference schedule gets underway this weekend with the virtual editions of & India, and talks on projects including , and video analytics with ! col.la/jan21

What better way to kick off the new year than with some news? The driver for Arm Mali Midgard & Bifrost GPUs now provides desktop OpenGL 3.1! Read more: col.la/do31p (Photo credit: Mateo Vrbs via Unsplash)

Happy holidays from all of us at Collabora! Wishing you a safe, healthy and happy holiday season, and a prosperous New Year!

video: Olivier Crête joins Haivision's Suso Carrillo to discuss how Collabora and SK Telecom are leveraging to build the open source video drone & robot platform. youtu.be/-4W4yrdQFP0

Video: Presented earlier this month at Live Embedded Event, Julian Bouzas looks at , the new adaptable multimedia service, now ready for ! col.la/leejb

Video: Recorded last month at the MiniDebConf Online: Gaming Edition, Jakob Bornecrantz presents "FOSS Virtual & Augmented Reality", a look at the current state of VR & the latest on ! youtu.be/-D9QKmOx5ps

Exciting news: A first proposal for a driver for Wine! The driver currently supports GDI & OpenGL/DirectX applications, allowing some Windows games natively under Wayland such as & Battle for Wesnoth! Read more: col.la/wdfw

Kernel 5.10 is out, and with it comes a number of exciting updates, including uAPI destaging, support for Mali Bifrost GPUs, improvements to Rockchip's RK3399 & more! Read on to see what Collaborans have been working on: col.la/lk510

Video: From this year's online, here's a tutorial by André Almeida on how to bootstrap a minimal image for kernel development. youtu.be/pI_E2UP2QDQ

Missed it last week? Here's the video of Helen Koike's talk at Live Embedded Event, "Image Signal Processing (ISP) Drivers & How to Merge One Upstream"! col.la/leehk

We're hiring again! Collabora is looking for passionate & enthusiastic developers to join our ever growing kernel, Multimedia, & teams! Interested? Learn more: collabora.com/careers

5.11 Adding An "Inhibited" Feature To Temporarily Disregard Select Input Devices col.la/ht73k

Mesa 20.3 released, and with it, out-of-the-box support for Arm's Mali Bifrost GPUs! Release notes here: docs.mesa3d.org/relnotes/20.3. & check out Alyssa's recent update here: col.la/pfms23

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