ICYMI earlier this month 👉 Using , & a , you can create an audio bridge between a device & an analog speaker system, breathing new life into your old speakers. Here's how: col.la/pwrpi

Last few hours at . Most of us have already left, some were with customers, but here are a few of us smiling at you from the main stage. Big thanks to The Linux Foundation for a great week in Dublin!

New blog post, live from the ELC Technical Showcase at ! 👉 Open source machine learning for video compression col.la/mlcompression

We're very excited to be taking part in tonight's ELCE Technical Showcase, happening during the Onsite Attendee Reception at ! Come check out our two demos featuring ML-based video compression & the platform! osseu2022.sched.com/event/17fn

: Wondering how to become a kernel developer? Don't miss "Getting Into Linux Kernel Development After 30 Years", presented by Muhammad Usama Anjum, coming up today at 15:40 UTC, in Liffey B Part 2 (Level 1)! sched.co/15z9c

First up today at , "Board Farms for Everyone: Making Hardware Debugging Easier and Sharing Boards Across the Globe!", presented by Chris Obbard at 10:15 UTC in Liffey Hall 1! Join us in person, or watch live online! sched.co/15z1v

As winds down in Amsterdam, a very busy week begins in Dublin with the 2022 hybrid editions of Conference & Europe! col.la/dublin22

Supporting new extensions? Making it easier to write new Mesa Vulkan drivers? Why not both? (Oh, and a performance win too.) The latest from Jason Ekstrand : col.la/vgstm

Returning for a long awaited reunion, is back at the RAI in Amsterdam! From September 9 to 12, join us as at booth 5.F57 as we showcase two new software demos featuring ! openfir.st/ibc2022

OpenXR 1.0.25 released, bringing spec & XML consistency fixes, improved blend-mode behavior in hello_xr, support for app-provided API layers on , and updated vendor extensions. 🎉 github.com/KhronosGroup/OpenXR

Using , and a , you can create an audio bridge between a device & an analog speaker system, breathing new life into your old speakers. Here's how: col.la/pwrpi

" is the default audio system in Ubuntu 22.10, with session manager included too. The last time Ubuntu made a change this big to its audio stack was in the last ‘K’-named release, Ubuntu 9.10 ‘Karmic Koala’."👌omgubuntu.co.uk/2022/08/ubuntu

Interested in free & software for VR/AR/MR? The countdown is on to make an impact at FOSS XR! Be part of this year's lineup by submitting your talk or demo by September 5th, 2022: col.la/fossxr22

And that's a wrap for the very first edition of Latin America, thank you to all who attended our talks! Keep an eye out for the recordings if you weren't able to make it; they'll be posted in the coming weeks!

Make the most of your experience by catching Daniel Almeida discuss Stateless Video Decoder Virtualization today at 5:15 pm UTC, in Portuguese! Nos vemos lá!

Day 2 about to begin at ! Coming up today, Daniel Almeida discusses "Stateless Video Decoder Virtualization through Virtio Video and VA-API" in Portuguese at 5:15 pm UTC. sched.co/15BsZ

How do you look at sustainable business growth without losing the personal connection to your team? Eleni Katsoula presents "It All Starts With a Smile: How To Foster a Sense of Belonging in Remote Teams", today at 6:20 pm UTC at ! sched.co/15Bsx

Coming up at 5:30 pm UTC at Latin America, choose your own adventure! Olivier Crete's dive into (sched.co/15Ddo) or Xavier Claessen's look at how to slim down dependencies (sched.co/15DZ7)

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