Earlier this year, we announced a new project with @microsoft : the implementation of & to translation layers. Here's the latest on this work, including steps taken to improve the performance of the OpenGL-On-D3D12 driver. col.la/d3d12

Despite the many obstacles brought on by the pandemic, Collabora continues to build and strengthen its engineering and administration teams for the road ahead. Join us in welcoming Angelica, Raghavendra, Doug, Italo and Theodotos! openfir.st/w5nc

Video: Adrian Ratiu presents "Tracing Resource-constrained Embedded Systems Using eBPF", recorded at Embedded Linux Conference Europe 2019 in Lyon! openfir.st/tresu

Syzkaller is much needed tool for kernel testing & debugging. With some work, it can also be enhanced to find bugs in specific drivers, such as . Here's how: col.la/k3gw8

Video: Boris Brezillon presents "Open Source Graphics 101: Getting Started", recorded at Embedded Linux Conference Europe 2019 in Lyon! openfir.st/bbosg

Upstreaming ISP drivers, & automotive, stateless video codec support, stack with , & Lite. It's all part of the + Virtual Experience, taking place later this month! Join us! openfir.st/elcna20

Proposed In Latest Effort For Kernel Optimization That Can Benefit Gamers col.la/dh3k9

Denis Pynkin presenting "Apertis, a FOSS platform for embedded devices" at the virtual IoT Focus Tech Conference.

Another week, another online conference! Tomorrow, Denis Pynkin presents (in Russian) "Apertis, a FOSS platform for embedded devices" at the virtual IoT Focus Tech Conference! Присоединяйтесь! iotfocusconf.com/pynkin

What's better than ending the week on a high note? meets @gnome runs every scene in glmark2-es2 (plays 3D games like Neverball), now supports & @Kodi & more! Onward & upward to zero graphics blobs! openfir.st/vp54n

Kernel 5.7 is the first to contain development work accomplished amid the lockdown measures. Despite these significant changes, Collaborans have been steadfast in their contributions, with multiple projects progressing. Here's the recap: col.la/lk57

Coding begins today for 2020 projects, including SDK tools in , work on & IGT GPU Tools, kernel driver debugging, enhancements in & even decoder improvements in for ! Good luck to all! openfir.st/gsoc20 🎉

Coming up this weekend at the inaugural MiniDebConf Online, Arnaud Ferraris presents "Bringing Debian to mobile phones, one package at a time"! Watch live, tomorrow at 13:00 UTC! wiki.debian.org/DebianEvents/i

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