New blog post! "Empathy first: Driving growth through people leadership" - Some insights from our People Lead, Eleni Katsoula, on why now, more than ever, connecting with our colleagues is of the utmost importance.

Video: Presented at , André Almeida discusses futex2(), a new version of the system call that can enable not only more complex use cases, but also key performance improvements inside the kernel.

Video: Adrian Ratiu dives into how you can simplify and reuse your device drivers thanks to regmaps, and how it has been used in mainline in the MIPI-DSI & Hantro media accelerator drivers.

Join us tomorrow for MiniDebConf Online #2: Gaming Edition! Jakob Bornecrantz will be presenting "FOSS Virtual & Augmented Reality", a look at the current state of VR & the latest on ! 20:30 CET here:

New blog post! is still lacking proper consideration for color management & support for high dynamic range () imagery. However, a group of renegade devs has begun an effort to fix this situation. This is their story.

Tomorrow at 10:20 UTC, on Day 3 of , don't miss "Collabora & Valve - What We're Doing (and Why We're Doing It)", presented by Vivek Das Mohapatra! Register (it's free) to join the Q&A, or keep an eye out for the live stream on YouTube! @valvesoftware

Attention students! About to graduate? Ready to venture into software development on a professional level? Check out our 2021 paid to work on upstream projects!

Coming right up at , George Kiagiadakis presents "Revolutionizing the audio experience on the desktop with " at 16:00 UTC!

Coming up in 45 minutes at , join us for a live BoF, hosted by our Engineering Manager, Olivier Potin! He'll discuss what we do & take questions on our current projects & job opportunities! See you there!

Join us this week for ! Collaborans will be giving talks on graphics, and our work with Valve, and we'll also be hosting a virtual office hour with our Engineering Manager, Olivier Potin! See you there!

Video: Mylène Josserand demystifies the magic behind kernel , in this talk presented at ! Learn about their purpose & benefits, how they are implemented, ways to debug and trace them, & more!

Missed it last week? Here is the video of Gabriel Krisman Bertazi's "State of Linux Gaming", a look at the ongoing work to prepare the kernel to emulate modern games! @valvesoftware

Some major news, courtesy of Alyssa Rosenzweig: Mesa 20.3 - scheduled for release at the end of the month - will feature some support out-of-the-box! Read more here:

0.4 runtime introduces initial support for & passes all of the OpenXR conformance tests with both & on desktop with a simulated device!

In case you missed it, here's the video yesterday's webinar, discussing the group's progress, code examples, experimental overlays & hand tracking extensions, as well as an update on !

One final talk to end & EU 2020! Join us at 19:30 GMT today as André Almeida presents "A New Futex2() System Call".

Day 3 about to begin at / ! First up at 12:00 GMT, Adrian Ratiu looks at how regmaps brings more flexibility to your device drivers & how it has been used in mainline in the MIPI-DSI & Hantro media accelerator drivers. See you there!

: Today at 19:30 GMT, don't miss Gabriel Krisman Bertazi's "State of Linux Gaming", as he looks at the ongoing work to prepare the kernel to emulate modern games! @valvesoftware @gamingonlinux

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