Exciting news: , the experimental Open Source driver for Arm Mali Midgard & Bifrost GPUs, has now been merged in upstream Mesa! gitlab.freedesktop.org/mesa/me

Earlier this month, Collabora took part in the very first hackfest, initiated as a joint effort with the Google team. Here's a look at what was accomplished: col.la/kcihf @ChromiumDev

Despite the many obstacles brought on by the pandemic, Collabora has continued to grow its teams for the road ahead. Join us in welcoming Kiril, Benjamin, Daniel, Shreeya, Ariel, Nicolas and James! col.la/er21nj

How many layers of can you take? Christoph Haag working on overlay support for . In the screenshot you see hello_xr, xrdesktop and xrgears running at the same time in !

Attending tomorrow? Interested in learning more about Collabora? Don't miss our virtual office hour, hosted by our Senior Project Manager, Alvaro Soliverez! 12:30 pm UTC, see you there! conf.kde.org/event/1/contribut

New blog post! Bag of Freebies for XR Hand Tracking - Marcus Edel dives into the details of our innovative, open source hand-tracking pipeline. col.la/bofht

Video: Recorded earlier this month at "Live Embedded Event", Chris Obbard presents "Creating Debian-Based Embedded Systems using Debos"! col.la/dblee

Following the recent sprint, new tests have been added to to extend its coverage, including the ability to detect regressions on the kernel that can directly affect cameras! Learn more: col.la/kcilc

It's been a busy 18 months in the world of (OpenGL-On-Vulkan) since Erik Faye-Lund's last update. Here's a review of where things stand, including upstream development, 4.6 & GLES 3.1 support, & more! col.la/zink21

Best way to end the week? Some news, courtesy of Alyssa Rosenzweig! Here's the latest on this ongoing saga, including support for ES 3.1 on both Midgard (Mali T760 & newer) and (Mali G31, G52, G76) GPUs! col.la/es31p

Work continues on the experimental Wayland driver for Wine. The latest update brings several major features which increase its scope and utility, including & multi-monitor support! Read more: col.la/wine3

In our latest blog post, Marius Vlad details the work behind the creation of a new libweston-based compositor for Automotive Grade Linux, bringing more reliable and fine-grained system control. col.la/lwagl

New blog post! A libweston-based compositor for Automotive Grade Linux - Marius Vlad details the work behind the creation of a new compositor for AGL, bringing more reliable and fine-grained system control. col.la/lwagl

This Thursday at , see in action as Christopher Obbard presents "Creating Debian-Based Embedded Systems using Debos"! Join us at 9:30 CEST! liveembededevent.virtualconfer

Coming up next week at DjangoCon Europe 2021, Afonso Cerejeira presents "You might not need a frontend framework", a look at lightweight frontend solutions for progressively enhancing a web page. Join us! cfp.2021.djangocon.eu/2021/tal

Collaborans, working from anywhere since 2005! Want to join us? We are hiring! Many open positions listed on our careers page, take a look: col.la/careers

Thanks to a new, low overhead extension in Mesa, & applications can now talk to each other, bringing more flexibility to application developers while easing the transition path between the industry-standard APIs! Learn more: col.la/btovd

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