Coming up at 2:55 CDT (7:55 UTC) at : "Labeling Tools are Great, but What About Quality Checks?" - How label errors affect the training process (and how can help). Room 303/304 (or via live stream):

Tomorrow at 's Open AI & Data Forum, Jakub Piotr Cłapa talks QA tools & datasets in "Labeling Tools are Great, but What About Quality Checks?". Join us!

Well ahead of the curve, Collabora continues to successfully expand with new talent amply on deck. Meet the newest members of our crew who've joined the mission from their respective corners of the planet!

What do we mean when talking about ? What are peoples preconceptions & how can we navigate around them? Join us tomorrow at 's Diversity Empowerment Summit as Dave Bevan discusses hiring & retaining diverse talent!

Join us next week at Open Source Summit North America as we highlight the benefits of a people-first driven approach & look at how label errors affect the machine learning training process!

New blog post! Getting , an open source driver for Arm Mali Midgard & Bifrost GPUs, closer to conformancy by implementing one of the core features: support for secondary command buffers.

New blog post! After fighting with the divide between implicit and explicit synchronization with on for over seven years, we may finally have some closure! Jason Ekstrand explains:

ICYMI 👉 , the driver for Mali GPUs, now supports new Valhall architecture with fully-conformant ES 3.1 on Mali-G57! Here's the latest from Alyssa Rosenzweig:

🎉 , the driver for Mali GPUs, now supports new Valhall architecture with fully-conformant
ES 3.1 on Mali-G57! The final patches are landing today & required kernel patches are queued for merge upstream.

Released on May 22 after a busy two-month development cycle, the latest kernel once again brings new features & lights up new hardware. Here's a look at the contributions made by our engineering team for kernel 5.18!

Kernel Recipes: Guillaume Tucker discusses bringing test results to kernel releases, such as including a test-link in commit.

New blog post: Monado's hand tracking: hand-waving our way towards a first attempt, or how a summer helped get a hand-tracking pipeline running inside !

Coming up tomorrow at Embedded Recipes in Paris, join us as Christopher Obbard looks at how to use to create custom images for your embedded device! Streaming live at 9:40 UTC!

After a two-year hiatus, the Embedded Recipes and Kernel Recipes conferences are back! Join us next week at the Biermans-Lapôtre Foundation in Paris:

Tomorrow, May 18, will be a busy day for Collabora as we present FOUR talks at two separate events! Join us online at Live Embedded Event, or in person at Embedded Vision Summit!

Attending Embedded Vision Summit this week? Join us on Wednesday, May 18, as Marcus Edel presents "Testing ML Models and Code: Practical MLOps Techniques"!

Looking to use hardware-backed & virtual interfaces inside your Pods? A new device plugin now allows processes inside a pod to communicate with each other using the full SocketCAN API! Read more:

Just released: libnice 0.1.19, with support for ICE Consent Freshness (RFC 7675) as well as better ICE-TCP support and the option to use Windows native crypto APIs.

PipeWire: Bluetooth® support status update - Bluetooth® A2DP audio has now been qualified on the using PipeWire & WirePlumber. Here's a look at where things stand, and what comes next: @ondeck

Attending online? Come say hello in the chat room & ask about our current job openings!

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