Ever since announcing at , we have been working on improving the full open source XR stack to a usable state. Today, we are very happy to tag version 0.1 of the runtime for ! col.la/mdu1

0.3 Released With Redesigned Scheduling Code To Offer JACK2-Like Performance col.la/4we8i

Red Hat finds enterprise users are adopting open-source software at a rapid pace zd.net/38Fxyvo

New blog post! When a bug surprises you when doing packaging of a typical vendor code signing tool, it's time to debug it using the compiler's built-in tools. col.la/gcc

Meet , a next generation platform that brings low latency streaming of security video feeds, thanks to and ! col.la/hwang

If you weren't able to attend last weekend, you're in luck as all presentations were recorded! From 's new home, an update on , the latest on & , and on the One, here are the videos! col.la/fosdem20vids

Our very first Toot! Last weekend at , quite a few people came up to us to ask why we weren't on here. Well, here we are! Hello Mastodon! :)


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