#introduction This is the freshly-made Fediverse account for the Kasts podcast player.

Kasts is part of KDE Plasma Mobile but works equally well on desktop. It has a play queue and sleep timer, and supports sleep suspend, saving play positions and syncing them using the GPodder API (e.g. with AntennaPod).

It's available through distro packages or FlatHub.

PS: This account is administered by @mogwai.

#kde #plasmamobile

'Fun', many train in France are cancelled just before Akademy :(

Looking for a #job as #GNU/Linux Administrator near Osnabrück, Germany?
Help us run the growing number of #OpenSlides servers and others.
Details (in DE): intevation.de/jobs/20220922-ad
We (@intevation) only use and develop #FreeSoftware (aka #OpenSource).

Kdenlive's first fundraiser starts today! Donate and help support developers implement exciting new features (like nested timelines and a new effects panel), and maintain and improve the code.


Started refactoring the Kalendar settings to use the new Kirigami settings components :) It looks nice

Started refactoring the Kalendar settings to use the new Kirigami settings components :) It looks nice

KDE devs have been hard at work over the summer months adding new features, fixing bugs, and improving the accessibility of KDE's PIM apps.

Read all about the latest updates to applications like Kalendar, Itinerary and Kontact here:



I'm sure the Deutsch Bahn has a hidden plan to make me finish a feature in Kalendar before I arrive in Berlin since they just gave me one additional hour to finish it. 🥲

But now I also will be one hour late at @samsumas 's birthday party 😭

I love the helpful error message in js applications built with webpack. This is really really helpful to understand what is going on. 🥲

TUXEDO OS is based on Ubuntu with KDE Plasma Desktop and some modified parts.
Coming soon we will have some information on our website.

Current trip:

Start at 14h15 from Saarbrucken and take a bus and a tram to the train station from where take a train to Kaiserslautern, then a bus to Neustadt, then a train to Manheim, to finally take an ICE to Stuttgart arriving at 19h. I'm tired 😩

At least my carbon footprint is not that hight, but I really wish it wouldn't be so complicated to travel by train. And I'm lucky since Germany is definitely not the worse country to travel with public transport.

Current candidates are libxml2 but it only supports HTML4 and doesn't handle malformed HTML. Another one is lexbor but is not available on fedora which gives me a bad feeling about it already.

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Does anyone know a good HTML parser library to parse untrusted HTML? I'm currently using QtWebengine in Kalendar to parse emails and extract some information from them but I already got some distro complaining about it not supporting obscure architecture.

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