In Lineare Algebra gerade gelernt, dass Gruppen anscheinend eine Abstraktion über Operatoren sind.

Als KDE Entwickler muss ich Abstraktionen natürlich gut finden.

4. It's possible to show the full URL of a link when hovering over it so that you know where you are gonna lang before clicking on it.

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And here is a screenshot as proof that it works. I totally not implemented it blindly and hoped that it would work 🤣

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3. The last feature, I did today was the notification view. It allows you to look at your past notifications and you can also filter to only show mentions. The backend currently supports a few more options that still need to be exposed to the frontend (e.g. more filtering options).

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2. Desktop notification should now work. This can be configured in the plasma notifications settings.

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I implemented multiple new features in Tokodon this weekend!

1. We now have rudimentary support for cards. So now you can get some information about the link before clicking on them.

I spend one hours trying to figure out why caddy couldn't serve my website when used as systemd service but could when started from CLI

Turn out selinux strikes again, now wondering if I should spend one more hour trying to make selinux happy or to just disable selinux.

Working on a nice account viewer in Kalendar on my way back from . Like the rest of Kalendar, this supports various online sources like @nextcloud and other CardDAV servers.

And if you wanted to see @kde developers dance with @gnome developers, you should have come to . You still have a chance with 😉

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I usually complain a lot about the state of mobile network in Germany, turn out the folks living in Bavaria have it even worse.

I was able to wake up at 04:20 today so that I can take my train to Rovereto for the Linux App Summit

See you all there 🤗

Open letter from @fsfe @kde and dozens others asking for a more sustainable use of electronic products.

We want a universal right to install and run any software on any device!

#KDEEco #FreeSoftware #FOSS #Ecodesign #RightToRepair #UpcyclingAndroid #BE4FOSS #FEEP

Hello 👋 My name is Daphne. I'm support lead at @nextcloud by day and scientist by night. I research privacy, data minimisation, open source, and the future of technology.

I did a TEDx talk about that:


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