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✅Domains Registered
✅GitHub Org setup
✅Pushed first commit
✅Started Part I & II

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When I am tired I tend to waste effort on things that could be solved much more easily than I think they could be at the time

I need to decide if I'm actually getting a new SD, or just setting up a DO droplet. I'd prefer having my data local, but I really want this Pleroma instance set up sooner rather than later.

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@Siedge The idea that there are terrible people in another country, who must be fought or prevented from arriving here is just a fiction, and it's always pushed by politicians for their own personal gain. It's more covenient to blame foreigners than to address the real problems which usually originate with the ruling class themselves.

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Top 5 ways to stop illegal immigration:

- stop illegalising immigration
- stop illegalising immigration
- stop illegalising immigration
- stop illegalising immigration
- stop illegalising immigration

Got a few big things done yesterday:

* Applied for GNOME Foundation membership
* Asked for Trumpet to be moved into World on gitlab.g.o
* Got CI set up for Trumpet. This means that after every push, a flatpak artifact will be generated that you can download.

Be aware that to log in you must run the flatpak from the command line, as there is no interface for that yet.

For the record, folks, the new immigration policy still involves indefinite incarceration for families. This means perpetual incarceration. It is a violation of a legal settlement put into place 20 years ago because incarcerating a child, even with family, creates permanent harm.

There is also still no plan for reuniting families already separated.

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Is anyone working on something more like Diaspora* with ActivityPub?

I want to do some design practice but Inkscape is so off-putting as a design tool. I feel uncomfortable using it.

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