I have my Pleroma instance set up, but logins don't persist (I am logged out after refreshing), I can't change things like my user avatar, and I cannot login with OAuth. I don't think I did anything wrong because I followed directions, but I have no clue why it is so broken :(

@brainblasted I went through it for the first time just yesterday and calling those setup steps "directions" is a bit of a stretch. I've seen clearer directions written on mens' room walls.

I'd check that your Pleroma user owns the Pleroma folder and that it has access to the database. Either of those could prevent it persisting data.

@stjohn Got things working now. I was using the "release" from the GitHub tags, but apparently that is too old

@brainblasted Oh flip, good to know. How are you finding it apart from that?

I have no idea why, but I seem to be getting way more interactions on my Pleroma posts than I do with Friendica posts.
@brainblasted I can't speak about your user avatar issue or the OAuth problem you're speaking of, but logins don't persist on purpose right now. That's normal.
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