So, Matrix is dying. The server is too heavy to run, the protocol is mismanaged , and two of the biggest homeservers (tchncs and have closed registrations. Another, disroot, is considering shutting down their HS. At this point, an alternative needs to show up, and soon.

@brainblasted isn't this conclusion a bit exaggerated? Especially considering that the developer team never made a mistery that they needed a lot of funding, and yet they kept working on many different aspects (client, server, protocol..). Matrix *is* the alternative from my point of view: if it's really dying, we're back to square one with Slack and IRC and whatever people use mindlessly.

@steko I wouldn't call it exaggerated. The ecosystem is literally crumbling under its own weight. frequently has outages - with no status page. This fucks with the rest of the network because hosts most of the bridges. Users have been jumping ship from to Disroot, Wehost, and Tchncs.

@steko Now that two of those have closed registration and one might shut down, there isn't a larger server users can hop to, and from my understanding self-hosting isn't feasible, and running it on a hosted server would be expensive because of the load. This further consolidates the network into, which will continue to use more resources.

I hear they're working to reimplement the server software in Go, which should be more lightweight than the Python version:…

I really like Matrix, so I hope it's not dying just yet (but then I was a fan of XMPP, so what do I know). Are you looking for servers where you can register? Or were you commenting on the state of the ecosystem?

@stjohn commenting on the state of the ecosystem. I've been watching these issues for a bit now. I currently reside on Disroot, so I would be affected if they closed down.

Ach, it's a shame there's not as much variety as there is in the Fediverse, but then hosting a chat server is a bit more obscure than hosting a social network. If you or anyone else needs a server, I run a private Matrix instance at It's not public, but I'm happy to host any friends looking for a new home.

@stjohn dendrite is _very_ slow-moving, and from the conversations I've had people think it may not materialize.

Well poop. I thought it sounded like a promising project. There seems to be so much development going on in the Matrixverse and I keep hearing good news from them, so I'm hoping these bumps are just growing pains.

@stjohn I hope so too, but it feels like more than that since two major servers have closed registrations due to troubles running it.

Ouch, that ain't good. I feel like chat systems have an uphill battle. Google and Facebook stopped supporting XMPP, SMS is still (inexplicably) popular, and the major alternatives are all corporate Xanadus like Whatsapp. It's almost impossible to find a chat service in common with someone when all you want to do is send them the occasional "salutations, fine sir and/or madam".
@brainblasted It'd be great if synapse didn't suck ass. XMPP is always available, but I don't know how good the server software is. ejabberd seems already seems like a step up from synapse though (it's not a semi-non-functional pile of python garbage with a convoluted install process).
@brainblasted Is this a call for help for more servers? Or help with development to optimize? How can folks help?
@brainblasted Is it a good time to talk about our lord and saviour, XMPP?
@brainblasted Meanwhile, the !xmpp community just keeps on going, as it has since 1999.

@brainblasted I'd like something like Signal, but with usernames and federated.

@brainblasted Maybe the Signal client could be modified for that and then someone writes an open server. usernames like in the fediverse. :)

@brainblasted let me throw in (PSYC 1 protocol + many others) as well as its in development (and not usable) successor secushare (based on / becoming PSYC 2).

but isnt PSYC2 indevelopment for years already?

@brainblasted Since Matrix is federated, people can still run smaller instances at home on a #freedombox device.

Free software hardly ever dies. The reference implementation isn't very efficient in terms of system resources. #Matrix usage might pick up again once an implementation with good performance characteristics shows up.

The French government has officially adopted it for their government communications. And the Matrix team got a $5 million investment recently.

@njoseph @brainblasted Not to mention the Librem 5 will be a Matrix client out-of-the-box.

Catonano. From the info I gathered yes. Definatelly.
Catonano firendly server does 5k users on 1GB RAM
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