day 5: Continued troubleshooting on the Reddit client I decided to call Threads. Uploaded the code I have to

On an unrelated note, I got the first mockups for Trumpet from the designer I'm working with :D

@afarian @windmills

@brainblasted @afarian @windmills one thought I have on a desktop client is how would you handle opening multiple views? tabs? windows? something else?

on a desktop I end up reading reddit (when I do) with furious amounts of middle clicking for new tabs, so I wonder how you'll work with that usage model (it's why I never use reddit on a phone...)

@calvin @afarian @windmills Hmm, hadn't thought about that. The design takes queues from mobile clients by having one view. Not sure how well tabs fit from a user perspective, or a design perspective.

@brainblasted @afarian @windmills the "obvious" solution is to open windows, which then lets the WM handle the rest (it should be good at that)

the problem is that users don't like that nowadays, they like it managed by the application lest they get some kind of too-many-open-windows fatigue (though I believe that's caused by WM failings/deficiencies, myself)

I suppose you should treat tabs like they work on Web; they can contain any view; but then you get to the problem of toolbars....

@brainblasted @afarian @windmills regardless, the easy solution for you right now is make opening things in new windows easy, and worry about tabs/tab-like-things later

A pity because it's detached hosting with no functionality and no userbase, which makes it harder for users and contributors to interact with the project, and no clean takedown policy, which lessens trust to it. And it was probably down for noticeable time so I've considered it dead.

@AMDmi3 I don't know what you mean by no functionality. It runs on GoGs, which has most of the basic features of GitHub. Issues, PRs, comments, and code viewing.

@AMDmi3 of also has a userbase from the peers community, as well as Libreboot.

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