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Hey :) My name is Chris, and I am a first year college student, as well as a free software and privacy advocate.

I love contributing to projects, my favourites being Fracal, a GTK client for Matrix chat, and Godot. I have a (small, for now) blog at

Refugee from, which is starting to be overloaded

I fucking love the Black Panther score

day 9:

Worked on a couple more patches to Fractal, studied libolm, and polished up a mockup.

Unrelated, but I _think_ i might have gotten my first job today.

@afarian @windmills

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what they say: "relevant ads"
what they mean: "we sell your data"

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@Are0h this!! And, when we represent LGBTQIA+ folks in media, don't downplay those aspects of their life. Celebrate them! Gender and sexuality are important components of many people's lives and we do them a disservice by ignoring or handwaving over those things

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I just got off the fucking creepiest phone call I've ever had

Alright, is on 2.4.0 now

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Yo, man we've literally had a billion stories about cishet folks.

More shows/movies about gay relationships, trans relationships, bi relationships, relationships that we don't even have a name for yet.

More shit that gets deep into the plethora of humans experiences we haven't even scratched the surface of yet.

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@gingerrroot When victims have no resources to combat threats, they definitely don't have the resources to educate and help others. Victims lose entire livelihoods and no one steps up to do anything about it. Until that cycle is broken, it will continue to be seen as a viable tactic for silencing people.

If victims of abuse weren't starved out of their lives, it would take a way a lot of the incentive for abusers to begin with.

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"It's time for tech people to have values, as journalism, medicine and law do. Deliberately taking features out of the web, claiming pieces of the web as corporate property, forcing the history offline, all are terrible abuses of what make the Internet great. An ethical technologist would refuse to do this work."

I think he means Sillicon Valley tech people. FOSS people always had values (well, mostly).
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I will be starting the update of all hosted instances to Mastodon v2.4.0

This process will take some hours but each instance should only be down for a couple of minutes.

You can view the change log here:

Let me know if you run any issues.

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@tcit @brainblasted
Why would one want to keep all the history of all rooms, forever?! It means there are only two solutions, and I doubt dendrite will change anything in that regard or at least significantly:

1. Only selfhosted individual homeservers (so anyone without tech skills is out of picture)
2. large servers run by companies (for profit) or organizations on sponsored never ending resources.

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@tcit @brainblasted
As an admin of disroot's server I can tell that as much as I love matrix i dont remember a week without federation broken, server resources hitting the roof and pretty much everything on fire. From all the services we provide matrix is the signle one requiring constant maintenance.
Not to mention the fact there is no way to remove old history which is stored forever. this means ever growing database (atm on disroot 350GB ssd storage and about 64GB RAM).

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Decided to listen to music for the first time since getting new headphones and ... I totally forgot what I was doing, because the sound just *enveloped* me.

What magic are decent headphones?! Holy balls.
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So, since I lost the job with Mastodon a lot earlier than I expected, we wont really have any money over the summer (as this one month just covers the lack of student loan for this month(You get a lot less in May)).

If you appreciate the work I've been doing for Mastodon, even though I'm not hired anymore, and want to help us eat over the summer, any pledge on patreon or liberapay are very welcome!

#TipYourFriends #Patreon #liberapay

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