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Hey :) My name is Chris, and I am a first year college student, as well as a free software and privacy advocate.

I love contributing to projects, my favourites being Fracal, a GTK client for Matrix chat, and Godot. I have a (small, for now) blog at

Refugee from, which is starting to be overloaded ugh, gamer culture is so gross.

Breath of the Wild 

I have no idea where to look for the rest of these photos that will trigger Link's memory.

I'm just going to be wandering around for MONTHS.

For some reason, I'm really looking forward to this.

I think I successfully submitted a talk (two actually) to #ActivityPubConf!

I'm looking at how to fund my own travel and lodging. Let me know if you want to help me!

Tusky and Florence doesn't really have enough funds yet to pay for the whole thing, but you can view it as a contribution to those projects by proxy if you like.

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This is awesome: a contest to create diverse and freely licensed (CC-BY) cybersecurity stock photography to replace all the cliche ones of hooded white guys

Hey Folks,

Because I've been enjoying the "Mastodon Experience", I went ahead and started another instance. is available if you wanted to start a "service account". Examples would be accounts for websites, podcasts, etc.

This instance doesn't offer anything special at the moment, just an alternative instance to create your account on.

This is all still pretty new, so I've got open registration turned off, but please feel free to DM me for an invite.

I feel like I missed some Twitter drama yesterday and I don’t feel any FOMO, but instead, relief.

I’m feeling better by the day about mostly stepping away from there.

hi everyone, i'm Erika and i make a horror webcomic called Disorder, you can read it here:

Woke up today, checked the phone, saw it wasn't finding any WIFI around. Rebooted in case it was bugged, still nothing.

Then I got out of bed, looked out of the window, and apparently half of Athens did not had power. 👍

Hey fediverse, I'm going to try to get my brother to join (Mastodon, Pleroma, other....). He would particularly like to discuss #ScienceFiction with other fans. Also #HPLovecraft. Are there instances that would make it particularly easy for him to find other fans? Thanks in advance!

The worst comedian of the 90s, Tim Allen, did the world a great service by making it extremely clear that gender is (in part) a performance. Your performance is a choice you make.

Frustration venting, help appreciated 

Now I've read SQLite's code and the Vala bindings. And it appears SQLite's code gives me no work around whereas even in master the SQLite bindings don't give me the APIs I need!

It appears that I have no recurse but to get the extension statically linked into Odysseus. But so far I've been failing at that.

Anyone has Meson experience?

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Hey everyone! I've got a new account on my instance New account is @brainblasted. I will probably be moving there since it is my own instance.

me learning about C++:

who the << fuck << thought << this << was << a << good << idea << '\n'

Hey everyone! I've got a new account on my instance New account is @brainblasted. I will probably be moving there since it is my own instance.

I have my Pleroma instance set up, but logins don't persist (I am logged out after refreshing), I can't change things like my user avatar, and I cannot login with OAuth. I don't think I did anything wrong because I followed directions, but I have no clue why it is so broken :(

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