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FLOSS folks, it's time to visit Taiwan!

CfP of , one of the most popular FLOSS conferences in Asia, is now open. Submit your talk proposal before May 6th.

剛剛某個朋友在某平台聯繫上我,想到很久不見了所以去翻翻他 FB 的照片。


不過這一對 2015 年就結婚了,想想算了該年度的 quota 應該已經用掉。(壞心)

哈哈哈這是自行公布證據的犯罪行為對吧 XD...

所以說 NUWeb 的「方向」基本上是對的


Anyone knows how I can add license information on photos? Tried the field in media toolbar but doesn't work -- can't find the license information even in the HTML source.

By the way:

Yoni Binstock on at Taipei. I always wanted to see people, especially web developers, to join the game with WebVR.


"In fact, adult ascidians have perfectly good brains, an order of magnitude larger than those of their larvae, and their behaviour is as finely adapted to sessility as that of the larvae to motility"


看來看去最符合宗旨的解法都只有「自己架一個」。Mastodon, PeerTube, PixelFed.

"All the content stored on CryptPad is encrypted before being sent, which means nobody can access your data unless you give them the keys (not even us)."


Firefox Sync 以前也是滿懷理想的,但是使用體驗就是稍微差一點。要不妥協真的很難啊

PixelFed 的 PWA 就沒有做得那麼優秀了... 上傳檔案時應該用 FileAPI 先開圖片預覽然後背景傳輸,那類的。

用起來沒有 Mastodon 那麼「對」

莫名地覺得最近對 SQL 又多了一層認識。也不是說熟到哪裡去,但就是多一層認識。

Fluent Syntax 1.0 has been published today 🚀🎉 It represents what I think is the future of software localization, in which localizers are in control of their translations. With Fluent, simple things stay simple; complex things become possible.

This is an exhaustive list by @paulakreuzer about #FOSS Software to help you "How to Live Without #FuckOffGoogle and Other Evil Tech Giants"

Thanks for the collection and the write-up!

#SurveillanceCapitalism #FLOSS

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