A couple of days ago, the public transport operator in Poznań started releasing real time timetable updates in a standard way (GTFS Realtime) [0]. This means no more unstable API and simpler, less hacky code.

Also, I’d like to support potential Linux-based mobile devices.

I feel like rewriting Bimba from scratch (but after I finish my master’s degree…)

[0] ztm.poznan.pl/pl/aktualnosci/s (in Polish)

Recently, I released version 2.1 which brings alerts provided by ZTM but also cleaner and less ugly empty states and loading indicators.

Today, version 2.2.0 was released which uses new info from VM to show buses with low floor and ticket machines (or drivers that sell those).

However, the not-yet-big-but-major-already news is my friend finished the first version of trip planing and we’ve already started working on integrating it!

🗺 I've set up a project on Zanata.org. Now You all can contribute to translating Bimba

Meant to toot this earlier.
My friend made the route planning feature of Bimba his uni project; so it *will* be done. Recently, he said that the he conceived an algorithm and now he struggles to make it work.

That was a long time (I know 😓) since I promised the v2.0 but I finally released it today. I hope it will soon appear in F-Droid. It’s the first release You can download from NotABug and the last one You can find on GitHub.

As promised, You can now use Virtual Monitor without offline timetable. I had to basically rewrite the logic from scratch but I hope it was worth it.

Also, repository has been moved to notabug.org/apiote/Bimba.

That one on Github will stay but is only a mirror (as explained in readme).

It seems like all known and pressing bugs has been squashed, timetable model has been rewritten and soon Bimba‘ll be out of 2.0-beta and into 2.0.

For the short-sighted roadmap:
- my friend said he’ll try to write trip planing logic,
- main feature written by me will be now to allow using Bimba without offline timetable.

Hello, World!

I decided to be transparent about what happens in terms of Bimba development so I hereby publish first Bimba’s toot.


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