Heads up! #Microsoft is on track to ban all commercial activity by #FOSS projects on Microsoft Store in about a week! This is even worse than their (eventually repealed) 2011 ban on #copyleft for their app store! 😡️ We demand rollback of this new policy: sfconservancy.org/blog/2022/ju


@conservancy I was considering selling builds of my new project on the Windows Store. Guess I'll have to setup my own infrastructure to charge for Windows builds.

@be @conservancy The only problem here appears to be if the price for the Store version and the price for elsewhere is different. And even then, I suspect Microsoft has no issue with FOSS developers charging for their own projects... it's about people repackaging open source to scam people.

@ocdtrekkie @conservancy The issue remains that Microsoft can change the terms on a whim.

@be @conservancy That's definitely true of any store platform. I definitely wouldn't sole-source on the Windows Store for sure.

@be @conservancy Looks like they just want to remove apps that are unofficially listed in the Microsoft Store: twitter.com/gisardo/status/154. So if you are the maintainer of the app you should be fine.

@be @conservancy In any case, it is always good to have a fallback and backup plans.

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