This is a (kinda) quick but really interesting and important read about how our privacy is being invaded by the advertising industry

Today I am reading "Computer-based personality judgments are more accurate than those made by humans" (not just any humans but close ones like family and friends)

Extremely old in computer years, really sad and eye-opening. Makes me want to stop reading and writing about



Reading about how Google has applied for patents to influence user behavior. Interesting to say the least.

"Whereas it once was the state that was interested in finding out what people were up to in their private homes, today it seems that the business of personal data extraction is firmly in the hands of publicly unaccountable corporations".

Reading this article called "Rethinking privacy in the age of psychological targeting", I don't agree with what it says though, but I find it interesting.

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Students shouldn't be forced to use Zoom, Skype, and other nasty proprietary software to access an education. Support their #UserFreedom: sign our petition!

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**Widespread electric vehicle adoption would save billions of dollars, thousands of lives**

"A new study found that if EVs replaced 25% of combustion-engine cars currently on the road, the United States would save approximately $17 billion annually by avoiding damages from climate change and air pollution. In more aggressive scenarios -- replacing 75% of cars…"

#science #news #bot the app is crashing too much randomly. Sometimes when I press write a new toot, others when I try to search, I have not found a consistent way to replicate. (Sorry for the poor bug report) I am on lineage OS 17.1 installed from F-Droid

Ande mugre me caes mal. Te desapareciste y estaba bien preocupado 😑😑😑😑😑😑😑

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I think it is a good first step for nations to take a closer look at how Alphabet, Amazon, Apple and Microsoft are treating the global market, but taxing them and fining them is only treating symptoms.
This is only my opinion and please feel free to disagree, but the knowledge gained in these investigation must be taken to our schools. Teach the youth the importance of open source and the danger these companies pose to a free world

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This is great AMA from a Mozilla employee:

I agree with everything he says, even if I'm more judgemental about some of it.

Different topic, pull requests:

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Hola a todos, este es #MiPrimerToot.

Me interesan diveresas temáticas pero mi formación es en ciencias e ingeniería. Me dedico actualmente a seguridad informática aunque todo inició con la astronomía.

Saludos a todos y espero pasarla bien en el #Fediverso.

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Carl Sagan dijo una vez: cada estudiante debe tener desayuno y comida gratis en su escuela. Si los presos tienen. ¿Por qué los futuros médicos, ingenieros, licenciados y artistas no? Y agrego yo: si los políticos corruptos tienen comida, ¿por qué los estudiantes no?.

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Como física y astrónoma, debo decir que muy pocas películas modernas de ciencia ficción con estas temáticas me han gustado, o siquiera, llamado la atención.

Interestelar, una película anglosajona, acertó con el equipo asesor, con lo que lograron esta producción que, en lo personal, me pareció fascinante y estimulante.

Todos en el campo soñamos con entender en algún momento la física al interior de los agujeros negros, hasta ahora, desconocida.

Se las comparto, ¡que la disfruten!

#Interestelar #CienciaFicción #AgujerosNegros #SMBH #Ciencia #Astronomía #FelizDomingo


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Remember that despite what might happen to you can always use (and help) GNU Icecat, a fork focused on your that removes all the stuff you dislike

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Your voice matters. Your choices matter. Sharing your feelings, on privacy, in a compassionate way will help turn the tide to create a better internet.

A perfect internet? Never.

That should not be our goal. Perfection is subjective and the enemy of success.

A better internet? Absolutely!

Let your network know that you've decided to switch to services that do not invade your privacy. Do so without making them feel dumb or that it's a nonsensical conspiracy.

#together #web #infosec #privacy

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