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curl # Get local weather forecast in your terminal

curl # Get local daily graph of temp/precipitation in your terminal

Made by @igor_chubin on the birdsite

Why do Moodle and WordPress have non-free Android apps? Discovered barriers to both in the same day today... Am I naive to expect better from these projects?

Just discovered and - non-tracking front-ends to YouTube and Twitter! <3

Not sure if this is weird or helpful, but I put together a list of the main free software applications I rely on every day:

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Today, I laid 13 years of custom code to rest, and moved my from partial WordPress (only the blog) to full WordPress, with a relaunch. RIP fragile PHP includes, weird XSLT/XML transformations, and non-responsive half-Bootstrap implementation. I'll actually miss adding new events to an XML file though...

I would have never thought of using spellcheck as a tool for verifying data integrity:

Jitsi Meet FTW, using the Android client for the first time

Installation of Jitsi Meet and the video bridge for WebRTC video conferencing? Piece of cake! Installation of Jigasi for SIP / telephony connections? Kill me now.

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So fed up with Zoom, and is awesome expect people have a bias against unfamiliar software with worse performance... so I'm trying to install Jitsi Meet on my own server. Here goes!

Insightful reflections on proprietary social media:

5 Reasons Why I'm Quitting Social Media For A Year -

Open Source Won, but Software Freedom Hasn't Yet: A Guide & Commiseration Session for FOSS activists

Not a fan of Bill Gates for a bunch of reasons, but super interesting to see his 2015 warnings about the next epidemic

It was then that they first embraced-then, at the edge of the infinite, at the last signpost of the finite. The clung together desperately, forlornly, weeping as they kissed each other... passionately, she kissed him, asif she were indeed trying to give him her warmth, her life...

Their voices hung suspended in the night, time ceased for them, for an eternal instant they were happy.

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