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Not a fan of Bill Gates for a bunch of reasons, but super interesting to see his 2015 warnings about the next epidemic

It was then that they first embraced-then, at the edge of the infinite, at the last signpost of the finite. The clung together desperately, forlornly, weeping as they kissed each other... passionately, she kissed him, asif she were indeed trying to give him her warmth, her life...

Their voices hung suspended in the night, time ceased for them, for an eternal instant they were happy.

Here's the rough prototype demo I produced, using SooperLooper controlled by a SoftStep2 MIDI foot controller, running my violin through a Boss DD6- delay pedal and a Digitech Whammy 5 pedal:

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I am falling in love with SooperLooper... with gear I bought 5 years ago suddenly making sense

With my kids, we've been thinking of as many words that start with S as we can over the past 2 weeks.

Me: Sanctification! Sanctimonious!

Noah (8 yo): No fair! You know more words than us!

Me: Sore! Sore loser!

Mara (6 yo): Sore winner!


I now almost exclusively listen to Mac Quayle's Mr Robot soundtrack while hacking or doing sysadmin things, and I feel at least 20 times more epic on average.

Fediverse, that's what I meant. I miss you. Trying to find you again. I haven't had the patience to move on from StatusNet / until now... here goes.

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Wherefore art thou I know I'm late to the party, but this is the new place to be... right?

For people who care about, support, or build Free, Libre, and Open Source Software (FLOSS).