I'm currently yak shaving by reading the Ardour manual - but I'm loving it. After taking some software agnostic courses from the Recording Revolution, so much more of the manual is starting to make sense...

Working on my first mix since going through REThink Mixing and Mixing University from RecordingRevolution.com and even just the first couple hours feels amazing.

I feel way more confident, like I have a plan, and I feel like I've unlocked 5% more from my DAW already. Which is super impressive, because Graham uses ProTools but teaches in a software agnostic way, and I'm in Ardour.

10/10 would recommend.

@tewha I'm a fan of Hover.com for all my domain names, including all my .ca domain names

So... naming a branch "master" is offensive now? Isn't that word used in many different contexts? Should academic degrees be renamed too? sfconservancy.org/news/2020/ju

@douginamug ah, lame - proprietary relicensing is a huge problem

@douginamug That's why licensing matters. Is Gitlab currently truly libre? (I'm not aware.) If so, then we have the MariaDB defence to MySQL/Oracle, the LibreOffice defence to Oracle OpenOffice.org. The freedom to fork matters.

curl wttr.in # Get local weather forecast in your terminal

curl v2.wttr.in # Get local daily graph of temp/precipitation in your terminal

Made by @igor_chubin on the birdsite

@jack Are governments able to make the world better or build better worlds? Not sure there's an obvious alternative based on that criteria

@simon Stack Overflow? Though, not libre, and more narrow scope

@downey Thanks for the link! Hopefully I'm wrong and misunderstood things!

@downey it seems to be licensed freely, but F-Droid has it marked as Upstream Nonfree, I think "because the published source code omits certain 'secrets'" ?

Maybe I'm misreading the reason why F-Droid doesn't have a current build (if perhaps it's just referring to wordpress.com as nonfree?)

@68km that's how I found out about them, through a similar app in F-Droid that I just stumbled across! Very cool, I'll have to check out the plugin too..

Why do Moodle and WordPress have non-free Android apps? Discovered barriers to both in the same day today... Am I naive to expect better from these projects?

Just discovered invidio.us and nitter.net - non-tracking front-ends to YouTube and Twitter! <3

@chris only reason I've tried YNAB over GnuCash is the ability to work collaboratively with my wife, and over multiple devices. But for a desktop double-entry accounting application, GnuCash is solid.

Not sure if this is weird or helpful, but I put together a list of the main free software applications I rely on every day: blaise.ca/code/

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Today, I laid 13 years of custom code to rest, and moved my blaise.ca/ from partial WordPress (only the blog) to full WordPress, with a relaunch. RIP fragile PHP includes, weird XSLT/XML transformations, and non-responsive half-Bootstrap implementation. I'll actually miss adding new events to an XML file though...

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