Snikket is a project to make XMPP/Jabber decentralised instant messaging much easier to use. You can follow at:

➡️ @snikket_im

The website is at

Snikket is releasing Android and iOS apps, and server hosting software, all with a consistent look, feel and branding.

The aim is to make XMPP easy enough for ordinary users, the same way Mastodon did with ActivityPub.

#Snikket #XMPP #Jabber #Messaging #Messenger #IM #FOSS #FLOSS #Libre #FreeSoftware #OpenSource #SelfHosting

Omicron? I think Omnicron would be more accurate... since it seems scheduled to appear everywhere (ba dum tsch)

Aha! I figured it out. I connected to the direct WiFi network from my laptop, ran `ip a` to figure out my IP address was, and found the WEB-BASED admin interface at


The HP Smart app can go die in a fire. I was able to configure the wifi setup using this hidden web admin interface. UGH

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Printers have always been terrible, but I've gotten away without buying one since like 2008 or 2010... until today.

Now, they want me to install some proprietary mobile app just to set it up, and sign up for automatic ink purchase?!

Printers are shit. There is nothing new under the sun.

Watched NZ's COVID19 govt press conference for today, and I must say I personally I find the last question quite interesting. Regarding whether we can trust the government not to misuse the data entered into the official tracing app. Whether it's a "trust us" situation.

The govt answered by appealing to the authority of the Privacy Commision, but there's a fuller answer.

The Ministry of Health published this code to GitHub, which allows anyone interested like me to judge for ourselves.


I've been used Tomboy for over a decade, but the last 5 years since I switched from Maemo to Android have been annoying, and I see it's being discontinued in the latest Ubuntu as well. Perhaps it's time to move on.

What's a next gen Tomboy alternative?

I like (a) some kind of wiki / linking, (b) native clients on desktop and Android, (c) sync

(I use Nextcloud notes for some things, but it's missing the wiki/linking aspect)

I call these conversations "Catholic Answers with Blaise" - this time, in podcast form

ps Spotify is the worst, and I'm only now realizing how viciously they've attacked the open podcasting ecosystem...

Residential schools and the devastation of state-perpetrated family breakup - a social conservative perspective on residential schools

I've just started using S3-compatible storage (with Digital Ocean Spaces). All my backups up until now use rsnapshot. How do you run backups for your S3 storage?

Wanted: the ability to blacklist posts containing a user-defined set of keywords in my Facebook news feed.

I have a long list of terms ready.

(Frostwire, maybe?)

Canadian census asks: What language does this person speak on a regular basis at home?

English? French? Other?

My truthful answer would be English, and Bash.

I’m increasingly convinced that most of the non-conspiracy skepticism of public health measures comes down to misunderstanding exponential math.

I've made massive strides on CapTP for @spritelyproject and honestly, I think this is the most important work I've done in my life. But it's hard to explain *why* when few people even know what CapTP *is*.

So: CapTP explainer 🧵, right here (with blogpost to follow):

A switch has silently been flipped in millions of instances of #Google #Chrome: those browsers will begin sorting their users into groups based on behavior, then sharing group labels with third-party trackers and advertisers around the #web.

#privacyMatters #tracking #privacy #ads #browser

My home servers are up and running again. Expensive, but no data lost, and I'm repairing/upgrading my backup servers.

I'm currently sitting in a room with 27 TB of storage o.0

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