With my kids, we've been thinking of as many words that start with S as we can over the past 2 weeks.

Me: Sanctification! Sanctimonious!

Noah (8 yo): No fair! You know more words than us!

Me: Sore! Sore loser!

Mara (6 yo): Sore winner!


I now almost exclusively listen to Mac Quayle's Mr Robot soundtrack while hacking or doing sysadmin things, and I feel at least 20 times more epic on average.

Fediverse, that's what I meant. I miss you. Trying to find you again. I haven't had the patience to move on from StatusNet / Pump.io until now... here goes.

Wherefore art thou identi.ca? I know I'm late to the party, but this is the new place to be... right?


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