I'm moving my account.

I don't quit floss.social, I don't run away. I'm moving because I believe in self-hosting. This instance is great, but I believe in decentralised Internet of small communities in which people can host or know the host personally.

My new account is @me.
It implements ActivityPub but is a Honk instance, not Mastodon. All my past toots have already been imported, accounts I still wanted to follow I'm following.

I will add a redirect notice here. See you!

Five Feet Apart, the film was shallow and blunt. Read the book and skip the film.

TIL that if you select text in Thundebird and hit ‘reply’, only the selected text will be quoted.

The times between next a·muse versions are longer and longer. But there it is. I've tagged version 0.4.0 Dish of the Day.
Apart from minor features (like blurring spoilers in TV series), books from are searchable and viewable, and it's finally possible to mark books to-read and read-already.

Find it at notabug.org/apiote/amuse

Lately I have tagged version 0.3.0 of a·muse. I got to the point where it's possible to create an accout and collect films and TV series.
It's still very much alpha, with a lot of rough edges, and a long list of things that need to be done.
But so far, it's doing its job so I'm taking a break. I want to clear, simplify, and reduce. And finish projects that I left undone.
I also decided to abandon dot, the dotfiles manager, and just use git to track my dotfiles.

Software that checks its capabilities against a proprietary and centralised server is not free software in any sense.

Android app is not—and will never be—more than source available.

Evidently, it *is* possible to break an egg by pressing between two palms.

The egg might not end up in the bowl, though. 🥚


I have also tagged gott v1.1.0. This, in turn, has been a really small change.
As I can see there is still no readme and I haven't included gott in my latest toot.
Gott (which can be found at notabug.org/apiote/gott) is a microframework for error handling in Go, which follows the Railway Oriented Programming. - 2/2

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This week, I've tagged a·muse v0.2.0. This version brings mainly books and shows books/series that films or TV series are based on. This has, however, been a big changeset for me, as it includes slight changes to UI, initial attempts at caching, 2 new translations, and more.
There are known limitations concerning the based-on functionality and searching books in Inventaire.
Also, API has been moved to v0.3.0.
Full changelog can be found at - 1/2

the code so far is usable and has almost all planned features for v0.1.0.
Reasoning *will* be in readme, and the code can be found at notabug.org/apiote/dot - 5/5

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later—Tutanota. I made many attempts, but with constant changes of API and the need to reverse engineer and guess (because of PM's weird understanding of open source), and with the fact that Hydroxide works, I think I have given up on Cobalt. I also think that self-hosting Hydroxide and using it with a usual MUA (also on the phone) is more reasonable than having a separate mail app.

* dot
dot is a simple dotfile manager based on strict assumptions. There are no releases yet, but - 4/5

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* Bimba (@bimba)
I haven't worked on Bimba for a long while. Too long a while, I think. Much has changed since I started—first, Poznań public transport operator released GTFS feeds, then GTFS-RT feeds. I've had a kind of writers block when it comes to Bimba and now I think I need to think it through and rewrite it from scratch. I don't know when, though.

* Cobalt
Cobalt was meant to be a library that would make talking with Protonmail API easy, and - 3/5

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readlist of books. Something I couldn't find in any other software of this kind is showing connection between a film and the book it's based on. That way one can see if there's a book that needs to be read before watching the film.
So far TMDb frontend is released as v0.1.0, books will be released with v0.2.0 for which I just need to tidy up a bit, and do I expect to release it within days. v0.3.0 will see lists and marking watched/read.
a·muse can be found at - 2/5

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Tomorrow I start working, which means I'll have less time for my side projects (that up to this point have been my main projects). I want to summarise what I have done and what I still want to do.

There are 4 major projects I have worked on. They will be listed alphabetically and—incidentally—they are A, B, C, and D:

* a·muse
It's a no-JavaScript frontend for TMDb and more. It's meant to be a self-hosted service where one can make a watchlist of both films and TV series, but also - 1/5

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If you use Google Analytics in your open source project, you're a narcissistic asshole.

I have ditched the Android app. It was the last non-FOSS one on my phone. It complained all times about Google Services I don't have (LineageOS). And now I discovered that the said app uploads all the contacts I mail to PM’s servers where they’re kept in an unencrypted form. Not to mention all the bugs—since 2 versions or so the app crashes when there's no Internet connection. And new versions introduce only regressions; no changelog, no new functions. Just misery.

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The PM client can authenticate with single password so it now has a name (Cobalt) and a repo (notabug.org/apiote/Cobalt)

And after three days of trying to conform to ProtonMail modified SRP-based authentication I must say this: why in the world bcrypt uses weird base64 and why in the world was big endianess invented (that is for computers, not for humans).
But I did it!

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