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If you use Google Analytics in your open source project, you're a narcissistic asshole.

I have ditched the Android app. It was the last non-FOSS one on my phone. It complained all times about Google Services I don't have (LineageOS). And now I discovered that the said app uploads all the contacts I mail to PM’s servers where they’re kept in an unencrypted form. Not to mention all the bugs—since 2 versions or so the app crashes when there's no Internet connection. And new versions introduce only regressions; no changelog, no new functions. Just misery.

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The PM client can authenticate with single password so it now has a name (Cobalt) and a repo (

And after three days of trying to conform to ProtonMail modified SRP-based authentication I must say this: why in the world bcrypt uses weird base64 and why in the world was big endianess invented (that is for computers, not for humans).
But I did it!

I’ve put off tooting this but now that my room is painted (and I didn’t paint it, black) I think I shouldn’t any more.
I hereby claim to be the man behind @bimba. I also code Miei (E2EE, self hosted, free as in freedom contacts and calendars storage) [], and as of lately I try to write an Android client for ProtonMail.

"Hello, World!" say

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