How many times a day you use a search engine (please RT).

Based on how search engines work (keep the index fresh, store the data to be queried) a pay-per-use approach is not sustainable

How much are you willing to pay for subscription for a search engine per month per person ?

(see the previous pool)

@amirouche Whoa, even 10€ seems like a lot of money to pay per month per person for a search engine. 5€ might be more reasonable...
@amirouche Pay-per-search might also be reasonable for those who don't do enough searching to justify a monthly subscription. Something like 0.05€ per search would give someone 100 searches before a monthly 5€ subscription becomes worth it.


Thanks to chime in!

Pay-per-search does not work as the only revenue to cover infrastructure because you need to pay for hosting / renting anyway so that it is available when someone needs it.

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