How many times a day you use a search engine (please RT).

Based on how search engines work (keep the index fresh, store the data to be queried) a pay-per-use approach is not sustainable

How much are you willing to pay for subscription for a search engine per month per person ?

(see the previous pool)


Given a search engine that is privacy respecting that you can self-host on your own hardware.

How much are you ready to spend on a home server upfront that will last 3 to 5 years and can support your whole family and friends:

I should have started with this:

I am working on a search engine . Unlike a todoapp, it requires more hardware, having an idea of how much people are willing to spend upfront or by subscription renting a server will help me figure what kind of hardware I need to acquire to be able to test the algorithms.

Thanks for you cooperation! (and please boost!)

I think your low numbers are too high, both for hardware and subscription.
I pay less than 10 bucks for mobile Internet. Yet, somehow, the search engines and all the ad-loaded pages (plus all the hundreds of layers of ad maf... industry) make a living from eating my bandwidth.
It should be 1€. 3 max.


Some people are paying for those ads, hence the cost to run those search engines.

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