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I should have started with this:

I am working on a search engine . Unlike a todoapp, it requires more hardware, having an idea of how much people are willing to spend upfront or by subscription renting a server will help me figure what kind of hardware I need to acquire to be able to test the algorithms.

Thanks for you cooperation! (and please boost!)

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Hey , can you help figure what color could replace the blue color in this design

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Last Thursday we demonstrated #ActivityPub to European & national administrations with a live install & demonstration of #peertube and #mastodon by @how for the European Data Protection Supervisor (which aims to join the fediverse soon!). In case you missed it, here is the recording -> From the first install commands to sharing videos, moderating & comments in a little more than half an hour :amazing: 🤩

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“Memes” or other fun images involving curl. Please send or direct me to other ones you think belong in this collection! Kept here solely to boost my ego.

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L’Ukrainienne Anna #Muzychuk, 3 fois #championne du #monde d'#échecs perdra tous ses titres Elle refuse de participer au mondial d'#Arabie #saoudite en solidarité avec la situation regrettable des femmes et parce qu’elle n’accepte pas porter de voile ni être accompagnée par un homme.

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I'm bored, so let's do an experiment.

Here are two poll options: Are we able to distribute our votes so that, by the end of the polling time, only TWO people will have picked the first one, and all the others will have picked the second one? :boost_ok:

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COBOL - Built to Last

In this sense, COBOL and its scapegoating show us an important aspect of high tech that few in Silicon Valley, or in government, seem to understand. Older systems have value, and constantly building new technological systems for short-term profit at the expense of existing infrastructure is not progress. In fact, it is among the most regressive paths a society can take.

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10. The user can continue their activity while being offline;

9. The user can keep their data synchronized between multiple computers;

8. The user can retrieve a full or partial copy of their data on another computer;

7. The user can keep their data, and change computer;

6. The user can engage will several activities concurrently.

5. When searching, the user can see what is relevant to their current activity.

4. The user can interact with the IDE with textual or voice search;

3. The user can teach the IDE their habits.

2. Hence, the user can have access to the code, documentation, and any other materials to do so.

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