“I love Free Software because I love seeing so many peoples from different backgrounds and different projects from all other the world working together on making this world a better place. Thank you (Carl Schwan).” #ilovefs #ilovekde

On this day we would like to thank the developers Fahad Al-Saidi and Ale Rimoldi for their valuable contributions to Free Software Desktop Publishing Project ❤

Kannan VM(@kannan ) will be sharing his experience migrating Janayugam daily's daily operations from proprietary to free software at KDE Conf 2020.

2019 was a significant year for Malayalam computing. Read our year in a review for 2019 from our blog.


Wishing you a happy new year, on behalf of everybody at SMC.

Catch up on what happened in the libre graphics scene during October and November in the recap by Alexander Prokoudine.


Thanks for doing these recap posts @prokoudine.

Also read up on one success story of #scribus - enabling migration of an Indian newspaper, Janayugom, from proprietary tools to libre graphics tools on a gnu/linux platform which was completed by November.




Some of you may think freedom to modify software is useful only for techies. I'd like share the story of #scribus, a page layout software replacement to Adobe PageMaker and InDesign. This software only supported English and other Latin languages initially. Then a programmer from Oman, Fahad Amar Salim All Saidi added support for #Arabic with funding from Oman government. Along with Arabic, this change brought support for all Indian languages. #FreeSoftware

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For those who are #NewHere, I'd like share another aspect of #mastodon that brought many of us here much before the current wave. Mastodon is Free Software (sometimes called as Open Source or Free and Open Source Software). It means anyone is Free to use, study, modify and share the software. This means we are not dependent on any single entity (person, company, country...) and we can be self-reliant.

#FreeSoftware #OpenSource

This is a call for volunteers to test the #gitlab Debian package when new versions comes out.

You can just use a Virtual Machine, container or dual boot (to avoid loading your main OS) to do this. Installing gitlab is as simple as 'apt install gitlab' (well, rules of installing from experimental or backports repos in Debian applies).

Check wiki.debian.org/gitlab for details. Please reply or DM if interested.

#debian #debian-gitlab

Look at riot.im as a replacement to #WhatsApp. It is decentralized similar to #Mastodon but suited for private conversations and groups with end to end encryption for assured #privacy It is powered by #Matrix protocol and two instances are manged by Indians diasp.in and poddery.com

#Janayugom, the South Indian daily newspaper, has migrated all its infrastructure to Free Software, using #Scribus for layout, @Kubuntu as the operating system, and KDE Plasma for the desktop.


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