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Today I learned a lot about #iscsi, down as far as using tcpdump and wireshark to compare what’s happening on the wire, vs what FreeBSD thinks is happening. And I filed a bug. Skimming the RFC and IETF mailing lists it appears these points are often not understood well. I could do we another couple more days of RFC reading.


May I suggest grabbing a pair of ports, maybe 6501/6502, to mirror #HTML6 over HTTP/S up to version 2.0 to help differentiate #HTMLlite services and to prepare to protect #smolweb from a forced upgrade to QUIC

Not on-scope, yet, but eventually someone could register a protocol schema. I like "Generalized Data Transfer Protocol" because it sets up backronyms for "God Damn..." but that's really getting ahead of things 😅

Happy world standards day!

May all your software be interoperable! May you use the software of your choice rather than the software others want you to!

Quick quiz - Please name what you think are the five most world changing technologies that have appeared in the past ten years

I'm gonna keep posting this until one of you fucking boosts it

Personally I believe it's wrong to withhold source code for any software someone runs, or to allow them to do what they want with it. But I think legally enforcing that will almost certainly backfire, so I left this unsaid in my letter.

P.S. I will be attending a Zoom call about this digital strategy on the 28th.


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In my letter to the NZ government ( , mentioned yesterday) I amongst other things advised they publish all government software as opensource. Citing NZGoal & EU's recent opensource survey.

Arguing that it allows those of us with the technical skills to know for a fact that e.g. NZ's COVID Tracer app follows it's privacy promises, & assure our friends, families, & colleagues of it's trustworthiness.


so much of the "lightweight", "minimal" and "customisable" software for linux is based on this terminally vim-(or emacs-)brained idea that the keyboard is better than the mouse when there are many things that the mouse just does better, or that somehow a config file (or even, god forbid, editing C source and recompiling) is a good user experience rather than just having an ACTUAL SETTINGS MENU

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I feel like the linux community's fetish for text and keyboard-based interfaces ignores the fact that actually, as a user, clicking through something and being able to explore it is helpful and having to edit config files by hand is often annoying compared to toggling a switch. And don't get me started on how many "keyboard-driven" WMs there are (it's a graphical interface based on pointing at things and moving them around! Computers have a peripheral designed exactly for this!)

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@alcinnz @jauntywunderkind420

Yup. Coming out of Xanadu, I have a vanishing minority opinion on this subject (one that makes gopher fans look mainstream)

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