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Search engines should be the business of libraries, not companies.


Out of curiosity, have you ever worked in assembly language? I'm a #6502asm fan myself.

Oh, and I forgot to mention #exercism has a rather large and reasonably well developed #Perl curriculum. It might help you on your journey.

They're presently undergoing a *major* overhaul, but their existing material should not be underestimated.

I've got some thoughts on this Ethical Tech Giving Guide:

DO NOT gift a Pinephone or Librem! It'll just reinforce a perception that open source is buggy and clumsy. Please wait a few years!

The laptops/desktops they recommend are probably fine.

If you're having wifi issues (like I *used to*), I trust the FSF's recommendation. A wifi dongle's an easier approach than fixing it yourself! Smallness looks nice too.


Everything is 93% off from November 27th to the 30th for the #itchio Black Friday Sale:

If we're serious about inclusiveness in a globalized world, all post-pandemic conferences should livestream for free.


Majority of the developers don’t have time/budget to go to a single conference a year.


help with tech choice please 

I am looking for a 'roomba'. We live with 2 cats. I don't want creepy shit listening to our voice, needing wifi, that sort of stuff. Something hackable for FOSS Home Automation would be nice, but I'm happy with something dumb and privacy respecting.

Please boost for visibility.

@zloygik @whiskers You're right, we need to throw out copyright together with capitalism.

i'd rather live in a world with knock off merch run rampant than the copyright hell we're in

Ad trackers are following you on the web. Find out how your browser leaks information about you, and ways to fix that with EFF Cover Your Tracks tool:

"If consumers even know there's a DRM, what it is, and how it works, we've already failed."

—Peter Lee, Disney Executive in an interview with The Economist in 2005.


Do you remember using the wall(1) utility on Unix? I sure do.

TIL: On March 31, 1987 Hubbard executed an rwall command expecting it to send a message to every machine on the network at University of California, Berkeley, but that didn't turn out well: 😂

this person switched from mac to linux and wrote about things they did to ease the transition; also includes some nice power consumption info for ppl running linux on a laptop. (they like popOS and fedora.)

i'm porting a webapp from #ruby to #python.

this morning i did THE workaround 😂

now i'm getting this:

OSError: [Errno 7] Argument list too long: '/bin/sh'

dirty tricks don't go far..

Tailwind does away with that indirection: you apply your design constraints directly in the component, using plain CSS. It provides "utility classes" like p-0 to p-9, to apply a little to a lot of padding, respectively, to an element. Whatever you choose, it'll be consistent.

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So to recap, the advantages:

- Constraints keep your design consistent.
- Simple tooling, with just few kBs shipped to your users.
- Styles defined in the context of the component to which they apply.

And to address the elephant in the room: yes, this addresses problems that inline styles do not. Specifically, it is not trivial to apply constraints using inline styles, and media queries and focus and hover states are not supported at all.

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I guess I'll just do a fork of node-abi, add the electron bits I need, and set up #Chrysalis' package.json to resolve node-abi to the fork.

But this is so stupid. Every time I go to upgrade something, the whole dependency chain falls apart and I have to spend stupid amounts of time unbreaking it.

And people wonder why #javascript projects stay with outdated, ancient dependencies... this is why. Because upgrading is an invitation to hell.

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