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@alcinnz I don't think access to the Internet is a human right, but I do think it should be treated like a utility.

If you can't afford water or power, many countries have welfare or social programs that can help.

It should be a similar state of play with access to the Internet. If you can't afford proper broadband, people should have access to cellular data (in the form of a SIM card or a MiFi router) with a reasonable allowance and a legal minimum speed.


i don't accept the arguments that 'internet can't be a right because positive rights are bogus'

they ignore that we're already assuming it's possible to provide internet and then talking about disparities in accessing a thing that's already functioning for many people

as well as that sometimes people don't have easy access to *physical* alternatives to internet (libraries, meeting places, etc),
and it should be easier to argue if a place doesn't have those OR internet it's a problem

I have created the world's worst IRC bot framework: a persistent JavaScript REPL where anyone in the channel can do anything they want

@_1751015 @ignaloidas @alcinnz AN interesting approach, but I would want to trust it for crypto without understanding more about how those particular CCDs are responding to thermal noise at a very low level.

Just because the output looks random to a post-fact analysis (i.e. Dieharder) doesn't mean is is random. Just that it's evenly distributed ... which is what hash functions do.

Steam is complete garbage 

They don't even let you restrict which games you share, which means if you have any games you don't want your kids to be able to see, forget it.

And, of course, there's no way to permanently transfer games between accounts, either, even though copyright law gives right of first sale.

Piracy is looking pretty attractive.

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Every time I install #TorBrowser, I give #NoScript a chance.

Every single time I wonder "Why the hell Tor's people prefer such shit to #uMatrix?"


nice post.

it's really strange to me how resistant some projects have been to making a relatively simple change.

and sometimes they've been both resistant and then when they gave in, they made the change wrong: instead of checking for the env setting, they just assumed .config ... tmux did that in 3.1 after telling people who wanted xdg compliance to "symlink if you want that"


I really wish phones with a fingerprint scanner had a Burn Mode. Like, from locked if you use a specific finger to unlock it, it shuts off the screen and wipes the phone aggressively.

I'm burned out on people taking the idiocy of our most extreme idiots and pumping that into social media.

There are 7 billion of us. I can't keep consuming environments where the worst 0.005% receive 50% of the attention.

A lot of this is on me. In addition to using the right platforms I need to carefully curate my follow list while somehow not becoming completely unaware of truly important events. This appears to be hard to do.

@floppy So... he's not vulnerable, doesn't expect to ever become vulnerable in any capacity, and doesn't mind being an enabler for making vulernable persons even more at risk. Privacy is like a vaccine, it doesn't work on the individual level, it works at the crowd level. If only a few persons have privacy, given it is possible, then those persons become persons of interest for whatever actor collects data. 1/2

"do you think access to the internet is a human right?"
No, clearly not. Who would think that? I don't even see a good argument that it's a civil right. But to be a human right it must continue to apply in a post-apocalyptic war zone. That's nonsense.

Getting the received HTML from current page:
- WebKit: go to "Sources" tab
- Mozilla Firefox: go to "Network" tab, filter to HTML, reload, select, switch to "payload" view instead of the weird render, … and enjoy the "tank view"

Entries for the 2020 No-Budget Film Contest close on JULY 4th. There's still time to enter -- film nerds please share

Handy has been a great addition to GTK development on elementary OS. We’ve started using it in some first-party apps, and I’m excited to see what third party apps like this do with it.

RT 's Handy library is pretty cool when it comes to making convergent experience. This is kind of what Pebbles may look like in a future version, in the next version of OS.


Positive COVID News 

Glad to live in a sensible city:

"According to phase one of Ottawa Public Health's engagement strategy, 90 per cent of residents agreed or strongly agreed they would be willing to wear a non-medical mask in order to access services." ❤️

"torrenting a game is the same as stealing it, it's a lost sale"

that's great news, now I can set up a server farm to pirate J.K. Rowling's new Harry Potter game and repeatedly delete and redownload it until i bankrupt her

A random book vending machine would be GREAT for vintage pulp paperbacks -- if you've got a used book store and are having trouble moving those for some reason, this is a good idea

Artists who have a bandcamp or other store where I can buy and download a DRM free copy of their music: ❤️

Artists who are only available on streaming platforms/buy from amazon/itunes: ❌

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