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What fediverse software packages exist and are maintained? Which among them is the least user hostile? The least administrator hostile?

I'm going to be spinning up a small instance for my new hometown, and I kind of want to explore packages that aren't Mastodon.

I wonder, if at any point in the unix wars, it would have been conceivable that a unix vendor screw up exec()

let alone two of them (apple, google)

I don’t want your app.
I’m not going to sign up for your newsletter.
I don’t want your cookies.
I’m not going to activate js.
Quit whining about your revenue stream based on shady spyware.

“Most of the students say they had no music background, that they had never composed any music in their lives,” Perkins says. “In the final projects, I couldn’t tell that a lot of them had never composed before.”


On the technical side of art, exercising control is a fundamental skill. Especially with digital medium, the computer offers so many shortcuts, and knowing when to put in the extra effort to achieve the effect you want is really important.

One thing about my design for Odysseus is that I'm planning to use the bookmarks interface to configure it's "content blockers", homepages, search engines, etc.

One less UI screen, and how I'm opposed to requiring you to choose a single one of those anyways!

@kensanata The great thing about offlineimap is that 1) it disambiguates all the IMAP interactions, 2) local operations are all local, 3) the client doesn't GAF, and 4) quite honestly, the interoperability in my experience is better than relying on some full-blown GUI client (which has its own incorporated IMAP protocol support) or, far worse, a webmail client.

Also 5) mutt rawks.


@kensanata Sure.

The point is, though that a client is a client, and a transfer or communications protocol is its own thing.

If you've got a simple client you like, you can find some shim, wrapper, back-end, or compatibility tool, to handle the transport side. With IMAP, it turns out that there are a few options.


At this point, I'm seriously going to the (IMHO ugly) way of using VIm, which is a vimscript, that calls nodejs, that calls the server...

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Just read this awesome article about #rust #concurrency by Gregory Terzian:

In the article, he describes how to build a concurrent streaming workflow with backpressure.

He writes one of the best tutorials on rust concurrency, imo. Check him out on Medium:

rust, please help me lol 

if there's anyone who knows how to use actix with #rust pls tell me how lmao
I'm trying to use just straight actix for the core of my project so I can use just the actor framework without the web portion of it to handle DB queries and everything else, and then use actix web to just handle serving the web bits.
Is there a way to start an actix process and then attach actix-web to it?
Does it even make sense to keep them seperate?

next two are apple and icloud. predictable, given that there're three apple devices in this network (those are phones and gf's tablet). then go a lot of weird apple and nintendo subdomains, and then wire-[something] i don't use wire much, and those requests are nxdomain, so kinda weird.

then go now-dns, google's cdn and mastodon instances

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AWS (Cognito) gripe 

Like everything from Amazon, Cognito fails to implement basic OIDC functionality. Namely, it doesn't allow you to use a refresh token to get a new refresh token. This is needed in order to implement inactivity timeouts securely without needing to do weird stuff on the server side: issue a refresh token that expires after the maximum inactivity time you want to allow, then have the client refresh it when it expires in less than the minimum acceptable activity timeout.

did this out of curiosity (query.log contains all the queries, successful or not, for the last two weeks):

sudo cat /var/log/dnscrypt-proxy/query.log | awk '{ print $4 }' | sort | uniq -c | sort -g

the last (with the most queries) domain is something nvidia. i tried geforce now out of curiosity, so had to unblock it (not that i was gonna use it, just wanted to see how good the technology is). it made 2400+ requests in less than an hour!

@dredmorbius My attempts at making a wiki available via WebDAV convinced me that all such things are nice gimmicks but they don't actually work in real life. Like, yes, you can grep for a thing in a mounted imapfs, I'm sure. But in the back end you're going to send IMAP requests like crazy. It will be super slow, is what I'm suspecting. So, it as "hack value" as we used to say. But other than that… Who knows?

For the last several support issues, all I've done was look at the tickets, and confirmed that the issues seen were in fact the issues reported. I've been thoroughly unable to contribute towards a solution to any of them.

This is unsustainable. Every time I am unable to provide a positive advancement on a ticket, I die a little inside. I'm a senior software engineer who literally can't even fulfill the role of a level-1 tech support rep.

@alcinnz I prefer to choose style which looks better even less native than looks native but worse. So I switch the style of Qt apps to Fusion. It is a compact style which is more suitable for complex Qt interfaces than Adwaita.

@tbernard @fedora

@djsundog That's *especially* true for hardware designs!!

There's no debugger for hardware designs. You can only examine a circuit with where you can fit your o'scope or logic analyzer probes. ;)

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