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@alcinnz @aral oh don't worry, I am also working on my ideal version of the web, but I still think that whatever is going on is worth being concerned about right now, since this is most likely an attack on the safest, most decentralized way to get software on iOS

I want to be clear about something (if I wasn't already): I couldn't care any less about The Web continuing to support (peer-to-peer/clientside) applications. If you do care you may find yourself at odds against necessary privacy fixes.

And yes, there is a particular conversation I'm subtooting!

USB-C will not be the badass universal standard connector of The Future until the goddamn specs and firmware are fucking open

If you find yourself working at a software or hardware company, and someone starts talking about implementing DRM, I want you to punch them square in the face.

Then I want you to immediately get all concerned and apologetic and play it off like an accident, and then when they start to get back on track and talk about DRM again, I want you to punch them in the face, again.

"Programmers long ago gave up hope of being able to predict in advance whether a given body of code will work as planned." - From: Darwin Among the Machines, George B. Dyson

@kragen @rysiek

>if by "multicast" you mean "IP multicast"

No. I mean the abstract problem of multicast.

And yes, it's obvious that videoconferencing requires multicast on some level.

What I claim is that multicast is the only hard problem here. That when we solve multicast, the rest is easy.

@rysiek There's a good open source solution for the latter problem: - I've got an instance you can try if you want... supports ~100 in a room (maybe more).

@hansup @lambdatronic @MatejLach

Insistence on chrome from Jitsi? That's really dissapointing. I guess the Jitsi apps might be OK? #NoToChrome

If you want to manage your passwords... don't use Lastpass or 1password, etc. What you want is BitWarden - fully open source. Here's how you make your own: I'm running several of these - easy peasey, and a 5 minute migration from your existing proprietary password manager.

Of course, if Apple were actually serious about protecting your privacy, they’d implement all this in their News app also. They won’t. And they won’t allow content blockers work in it either. Because just like every other trillion-dollar corporation, they’re massive hypocrites.

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Ursula K Le Guin, on tech workers:
"Real power goes to waste. Every wizard uses his art against the others, serving the men of greed. What good can any art be used that way? It's wasted. It goes wrong, or it's thrown away. Like slaves' lives. Nobody can be free alone. Not even a mage. All of them working their magic in prison cells, to gain nothing. There's no way to use power for good."
- "The Finder", from "Tales from Earthsea"

@lambdatronic @MatejLach Indeed, I use firefox. With safari setting permission for the camera does not seem to work. With Edge you get immediately a whole screen saying you need Chrome. With all non-chrome browsers you need to click away these yellow error panes trying to get you on Chrome.

@hansup The need for Chrome is a massive downside for me personally, hopefully they'll fix that soon, but I also think everyone on Hangouts already uses Chrome anyway...

This seems obvious, but I'll say it here: don't ask the owner of any open source project to write the objective Point of View statement for all projects in that technical space. The result will be embarrassingly biased.

In fairness to open source project owners everywhere, they wouldn't be leading those projects if they didn't think that their way was the best way to solve a given technical problem.

>workable videoconferencing for more than 8 people

oh, you mean multicast?

Currently, there are two large problems in IT:
- hospital networks security
- workable videoconferencing for more than 8 people

Remember the time when we thought cache invalidation is hard? Quaint.

@Tutanota Your client has worsened things for the users. A few months ago we could use #ElectronMail to access both #Tutanota & #Protonmail accounts. Now you've done something to cause ElectronMail to drop Tutanota support, so that users are forced to maintain yet-another-single-purpose app just for Tutanota.


If I was running conferences these days, I'd use IRC and irissi and meetbot. Everyone can talk at once, your bot will automatically make meeting notes and todo items for everyone. Low bandwidth doesn't eat the internet, which for me is really slow now despite 1GB connection.

@ivan @emacsen @cwebber OK, now I understand the background (or so I think).

Important thing: AGPL does not seem to allow configuring AGPL programs with config files that contain proprietary code - even if that code is meant to be private and e.g. exposes private details about who I follow online.

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