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Hey, I ask again: do I know any copywriters who do web copy?

Every 3 months, I seem to fall into the emacs trap: "I really should be using emacs and enjoy all the benefits of this great OS!".

Then I realize emacs is a great OS with a really lousy text editor and I go back to vim.

Right now, I am looking at emacs for vim users cheat sheets. Never mind me.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know: Spacemacs, Doom emacs, evil mode, whatever. They just don't work for me.

Some advice for anyone experiencing (heavy) surveilliance:

Do you know tails? Many of us use it, and it was what snowden used to communicate (keeping him hidden and safe)

Its a live operating system focused on privacy, anonymity and easy to use.

Even if you're not tech savy, you will be capable of using it, promise!

Here some basics how it works:

- it will be installed on a USB or DVD
- nothing will be installed on the computer so you can use it on kind of any computer
- every internet connection is routed through tor (an anonymizing service, that is actually much more then that)
- webbrowser can only access one specific folder, protecting your system from browser vulnerability
- once you shut down tails, it makes shure to leave no/as little as possible trace on the computer you used. It does so by overwriting RAM.
- it comes with strong encryption to permanently store data on your usb
- it comes with basic tools for secure communication
- easy to install

stay safe, use #tails (or anything similiar)

more info here:

#anonymity #tor #linux

I understand why they do it, I guess, but it really bums me out that Gitea's development is being managed on Github. 😥

Our automation tools often seem to be designed now to make us more politically and commercially exploitable rather than build our self-capacity.

Meanwhile some of the scariest people on the internet see this problem clearly - but have fallen into another pitfall. One where those with high computational aptitude worship raw intelligence and a cult of rational self-examination and self-enhancement, but have zero empathy for others or for social systems that help the many and not the few.

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birdsite, register allocators 

I found this thread a few weeks ago and had the hardest time re-finding it so posting here. The idea that register allocators don't matter anymore because CPUs can JIT regalloc stack values through aggressive renaming is just mind blowing to me.

On the one hand, insanely cool that our chips can transparently make so much naive code fast. On the other hand, increases the cognitive distance between generated code and hardware behavior.

birdsite, register allocators 

@kingcons And we have Seymour Cray and Tomasulo to thank for that technology!

hey kids
you know what's cool?
accessible websites
*guitar solo*

Queueing up my next fictional podcast to review, and so far I have to say "Come on! Don't make me search iTunes to subscribe once I've found your site!"

But that's complaint about their tech support rather than the artists themselves, it won't sour my opinion of the show. On the otherhand I guess I'll fix such deficiencies when redesigning my reviews page.

Revolutionary idea: *Don't* add a general-purpose unconstrained scripting language to the system
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Another interesting language construct that's worth mentioning is "Total Functional Programming" which can express any algorithm that can complete in reasonable time, but can't express bruteforce or infinite loops by constraining what parameters can be passed to recursive calls.

Then to prevent the remaining crashes MATCH needs more typechecking than Haskell does by default.

I'd definitely want these typechecks applied on untrusted code to help ensure it doesn't eat up my battery!

4/4 Fin.

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For I/O I will discuss how I'd implement Reactive Functional Programming, but not any compositing/data modelling/etc. I'm tired of all that!

Reactive Functional Programming is basically operating upon lazily-computed & timestamped linked-lists, where laziness refers to not computing data until it's needed for output. Or in this case until the data is provided by the user. You can be sure I'll get deep into laziness soon!


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also the firefox dev tools are tied to the web page
if the web page is not responsive, your dev tools are just useless

Today I'll just set the scope for this hypothetical, and mention some interesting language constructs that could be applied.

I will not discuss the language's syntax or how variable names are resolved. Whatever happens there (maybe you can hook in your own parser?) I'll assume it is lowered to an STG-machine consisting of:

* LET - Stores a (lazily-computed) value
* CALL - Executes a function with the given arguments
* MATCH - Branches over a tagged-enum
* DATA - returns a taged-enum

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*tableflip* web crap disabling right-click, especially on UI elements styled to appear as normal href links but SURPRISE you definitely can't link this to a friend or open in a new tab. Twitter started doing this recently, actually, sort of a helpful reminder that you're on twitter dot com and forgot what a mistake that was. This time it's some academic doodad, sigh. I just wanna open the papers that look interesting in new tabs, what an unexpected notion >:|. Anyone have workarounds? >.<

Your rush to complete the code is no excuse to use a fucked up coding style.

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