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i mean really, free software is literally FREE. maybe somebody paid to make it, but if you didn't, take it as the gift it is.

i swear sometimes working on free software feels like giving somebody a gift and then they start talking badly about you with all of their friends because you didn't give them the exact thing they wanted.

@ajroach42 if you know what info you want ahead of time, you could make this part of your RSS/email process and stay offline more

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How is free software relevant to the problems that are destroying people’s lives by the thousands, today and every day? Brett Smith, our Director of Strategic Initiatives discusses why we do this work.

Today, I'm going to figure out how execve() manages to keep track of open fds while replacing the executable image inside a task.

Something needs to keep track of which fds are open and what Mach ports they map to. Something needs to close CLOEXEC fds. And this all should happen without racing too much.

It might be simple or it might be complicated. Let's see


but more importantly: licensing your software under a 'fuck big corps' license is a lot easier than spending actual effort in making your software good or quality and saying no to features that discriminate against people

i guess it's nice to think that a license can stop harm from happening but also arrogant to ignore the harm your decisions and lack of expertise create

my pet theory that i literally made up just now for this is that developers never see themselves as the problem and creating injustice in the world by how they design their programs, it's only others who do bad with their software that create injustice

like there's a ton of licenses talking about how the software musn't be used for things like or things like fossil fuels, nuclear power (uh?), forest burning (ok fuck firefighters i guess), all these things that will obviously not have an actual impact outside making the author feel good- but any clauses that would have an impact on the software itself and protect or empower users are nowhere to be seen

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isn't it STRANGE how all the 'post-open source' licenses only put restrictions on users and distributors, but nothing on developers? like i haven't seen a license that says 'this software must be fully accessible by those with disabilities' or 'this software must not include tracking code'

OK, yeah, seems fine.
Odd choice, but OK.

Hey Fediverse! Do you use git (or Mercurial or Darcs)? Etherpad? Homebrew? Inkscape? quemu? Wine? Maybe even coreboot?

These are just a few of the projects for which the Conservancy project provides administrative support. The projects rely on Conservancy, and you rely on the projects.

Support the org that supports the tools you can’t do without. They are trying to raise money, and have donation matching for the next ~15k to be raised for two more days:

How do public domain dedications compare to permissive free licenses like MIT/Expat?

@markosaric their own methods are probably working fine enough already, especially since a lot of people just open everything through #google search results (remember how they tried to / are trying to kill the URL bar?) or use #chrome, so this will probably hurt other advertisers more than it hurts them.

@alcinnz @hackernews Uh, it should send user-agents (so you can get some information in the access/error logs) but it largely makes no sense to put versions in them. (I personally just keep what WebKitGTK puts by default)

btw worse in User-Agents are android phones where you even get the hardware model among the mess.

The media is really pushing for Windows 7 users to transition to a #Linux distribution after a drop of #Windows7 support. Why not try @opensuse Or #fedora? #Ubuntu? @debian? Try #1 before #Windows10. It's easy! Just go to

Corporate third parties have built up a huge surveillance industry around us. A new report by the Norwegian Consumer Council shows how. #OutOfControl

I've been on a break from F/LOSS-y coding since mid December and will pick it up back early February. Right now, I'm just enjoying what I have and working on my FT + consulting stuff.

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