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I know companies aren't people and aren't friends, but I'll be damned if @PINE64 doesn't make that distinction kind of hard sometimes.

Time for #reintroduction

I am a public interest technologist working at the Freedom of the Press Foundation My day job is to work on using which people can leak information to the journalists securely. I also contribute to many #opensource projects. I am a core member of the @torproject and also core developer of the #Python programming language & a director and fellow of Python Software Foundation.

Like our Twitter followers, most @apple iPhone users (61%) said privacy was a significant factor in their purchase decision.

Yet half don’t know there’s a unique ID on their phone tracking their app activity and sending it to third-parties by default: tweeted by @mozilla

You'd never hire a carpenter to work on your house based on his experience with the various power tools or materials? You'd expect a professional to use the best suited ones for the job.

Then why is it that IT people are so focused on tools and languages?

@peanutbutter144 if downloading the whole system more or less every month is the deal breaker then I recommend switching to a traditional/mutable distro cuz that ‘we need to re‑download everything almost each month' part will never change in Guix/Nix (or any other reproducible system).

I think those projects should more prominently display and talk about their trade‑offs like much bigger disk usage, a lot more frequent compilation, and much bigger network bandwidth requirement.

Last Tuesday #Beast 0.15.0 was released.

This is most probably the last release that supports the #Gtk+ Beast UI. We have most of the bits and pieces together to move towards the new EBeast UI and a new synthesis core in the upcoming months and will get rid of a lot of legacy code along the way...
#electron #linuxaudio

"Every time one person amasses a fortune worth a billion pounds, we are witnessing a policy failure."

Damn straight.

Just built Foliate master, and stumbled across this: A "skeuomorphism" option, which makes it look like a real book!

Also, the UI is now pretty close to working at phone sizes, which is exciting.

This whole app is really well done, huge kudos to John Factotum and contributors.

@futzle @zensaiyuki SQLite's documentation has made me extremely confident that my SQLite databases are safe. I suppose it's done its job.

@zensaiyuki Rsync, TeX, and SQLite all qualify under the "stable" criterion I was interested in a while back. Probably also most of GNU, and maybe Linux LTS kernels after they've been baking long enough.

@zensaiyuki You have an interesting combination of proprietary and free software on your list. The challenge with proprietary software is that while it's under development it is constantly getting new features (and bugs) added. And when it stops being developed it's dead. Free software doesn't have the same incentive for the maintainers to keep adding features forever, so it's able to stabilize. I guess the wine analogy would be "mellow"?

Public trading makes companies evil. The stock market could be abolished and all companies made privately-held and employee-owned without breaking capitalism.

How We Built a Vectorized SQL Engine

Interesting 'cause they discuss some points of the current database types.

:win3_progman: KDE's Apps Update for November

New release of LabPlot, bugfixes in dozens of apps, Kdenlive is in the Snap store and find out what's new apps are coming up in the future.

"Privacy isn't about hiding bad things, but about protecting what defines us as human beings, who we are. Our day-to-day behavior, our personality, our fears, our relationships, and our vulnerabilities."

-- The Tor Project

From the Rust Blog:

> So, what is async await? Async-await is a way to write functions that can "pause", return control to the runtime, and then pick up from where they left off.

My first view of async/await was "Async/Await ALL THE THINGS!", but now I'm think the real way to go async is to think seriously where you'd pause -- so it makes no sense to async an CPU-bound function.

Does that make sense?

New brutaldon feature 

Something I worked on last night: a sharing page, and a bookmarklet to use it (in JS browsers). Go to the settings page, go to the bottom, and drag the bookmarklet into your bookmarks toolbar. Then on any page you want to share, you can click the bookmarklet, and it will take you to the sharing page on the #brutaldon site you installed it from with the title and URL already added to your toot form. Have fun!


ok I am so bad at this but let's see..
I'm name is Maryam. I live in Saudi Arabia but I'm from Kerala.
I love true crime, cats and succulents. ☠️😸🌵
I consider myself Left-Socialist.
But I'm still new to the whole political scene so I try to keep an open mind.

Basically, I'm here to learn, discuss and engage in healthy political discourse along with a few memes here and there. :)

also apple doesn't let me unlock my phone when i'm wearing touch-friendly gloves. ios doesn't let you enter your password unless you fail the fingerprint scan first. and to fail it, you need a finger (just pressing the home button makes it turn on the screen, but not show the password field). fuck apple, not everyone lives in sunny california!

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SICP is nice, but doesn't fully capture the true spirit of Scheme:

1. Start a cool project.
2. Write code that should work. Enjoy logical, functional, dynamic code.
3. Libraries you need are nonexistent or so slow you have to write your own. Smash your head into the keyboard.
4. Repeat 2-3 until you lose sight of 1.
5. Switch to a new Scheme implementation. "Surely this one will be better!" Goto 1.

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