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imagine if gnu was a carefully curated set of software that mutually benefit each other instead of a hodge podge of whatever people offer up, some of which is redundant. like how many common lisp implementations does one project need?

Anyone familiar with bootstrap around? I need some help with a website I’m working on.

The Microsoft PR spin machine continues: Sadly, it seems SJVN is now co-opted. This is pretty grim. Microsoft is *not* an ally to open.

re: APRS and the Internet 

@freakazoid @drwho @gled So I configured the station to connect to my box via IP over packet, and good lord, it wouldn't even *connect* to my box most of the time.

But, via a normal TNC, if I typed C KC5TJA-2 on the prompt, it'd connect **every time**. Maybe with some delay, but it **always** worked.

Also, note that AX.25's reliability and TCP's reliability procedures interact to generate a packet flood, which amplifies packet losses.

"Bad code" is a lazy expression. It’s not specific and means different things to everyone.

Stop calling it bad code:

re: APRS and the Internet 

@vertigo @gled @drwho You mean essentially transparently proxying it and mapping each connection to an AX.25 connection, precisely as Airhook used to for enabling long-lived TCP connections through arbitrary lossy links with potentially changing IP endpoints?

OnlyKey question 

Anyone know which MCU I need to pick in teensy-loader-cli? The docs are for the GUI and mention nothing about selecting the MCU, nor can i find anything via web search.

in the alternate syndicalist present, the creation engine is foss, an ecosystem of tooling surrounds it, and "skyrim-likes" are the sort of game you can pump out in a weekend gamejam. they are like a medium of pulp.

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in the alternate syndicalist present, foss is not some conflicted strategic ethic but the de facto norm for virtually all software. why would you make 'ware any other way, when your survival has been totally disconnected from your capacity for labor?

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Hey Fediverse, anyone know of a decent minimalist logo designer? I'm tired of playing roulette on Fiverr and would be willing to pay in and around $200 CAD for a decent design. DM me if you know someone decent with a portfolio I can review.

cgit+nntpchan is all you need to manage a public domain tech project
@grainloom I haven't liked since that time I visited their homepage and their background animation ate all my RAM and/or CPU. That was possibly the first time I heard my 2013 MBP's fans go at full power.
@kensanata @andybalaam

The other two alternatives would be gitea (which is really easy to self host but I'm not aware of a central hosting) and (which can be hosted but also offer premium repository for those who won't). cgit seems really dated and doesn't offer much features.

You may find a list of #FreeSoftware solutions for doing graphics and photo editing to replace the proprietary products of #adobe with.

Respect your freedom
& Save your ass ASAP


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UTF-8 Reminds Industry 31-bit Codepoints "Ready to Go Whenever"

I need a Linux Distro for portable use. (like Puppy Linux)
It must be persistent.
I have a 16GB flash drive.

What is the best?

- I have tried Ubuntu 19.10 with persistent storage. It works but that's not what I need.

#Help #Foss #Linux

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