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The embroidery the global tech giants don’t want you to see | The Single Object | The Spinoff:

Interviewing congonese refugee Lema Shamamba

Software freedom contributors are human. We all make mistakes, often very publicly. It's tricky to write a public apology for those mistakes.

This blog post by @sagesharp will help you avoid common pitfalls and craft an effective apology:

I strongly considered applying for this role myself (I think I'd be a strong candidate), but I decided I'm currently fine career-wise:

Maybe it should go to someone with more C++ experience? Is that you?

elementary Developer Week is happening online June 26–27 and we’ve had several great submissions—but we’re missing YOURS! As such, we’re extending the submission deadline to April 30; get your idea or talk submitted ASAP for consideration. #edw2021

So I've started on some designs for a stand-alone web site for #ZoomingOut. Figuring out a user-friendly structure will be the major challenge, I think. But the list itself also needs some updates, and if you're willing to help out, these are some things in need of testing, researching etc.:

- #WebRTC performance in desktop Safari

- #Signal's group video calling

- #Element/#Matrix overall update

- Adding #Telegram & #Wire to the list?

Boosts appreciated!


2016 - Hypponen’s Law: "Whenever an appliance is described as being ‘smart’, it’s vulnerable"

Today - news: Cisco researchers find security leaks in smart airfrier, allowing remote code execution.

Oh yes, Cisco told the manufacturer, Cosori, about the leaks on december 21st. But it isn't fixed, so they now made the details public. Happy hacking 😅!


Hypponens law and the future of IOT:

Image source:

Table sorting is now fully implemented in Rhapsode, with audio cues denoting by which column it's sorted! Though I've yet to test it, which I'm tempted to push off to next time.

Still can't fully test it without fixing link navigation, which I'll address next...

Also had to document that these new sound effects are not licensed for individual reuse not as part of a larger whole. Not the first time I've delt with such a license, but this one spells things out more.

So you can cancel a download but it makes the whole thing segfault. Because GTK has no safeguards on destroying a widget two times.

And the path for extensions is sadly wrong in the manpage, there is no plural, badwolf gives the right one on startup.

I guess I'll make a bugfix release in some days in case I find moar bugs.
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Hmmmm, according to Welcome to Night Vale a Frank Chen clone lives near me. He thought our town looked nice, fair enough!

The implications of moving an app ecosystem over to Flatpak are pretty wild. Like, I know, Flatpak and GNOME folks have been shouting this from the rooftops for a while now but…

You’re able to install elementary OS 6 apps on elementary OS 5 today.

That’s kind of mind-boggling.

@natecull Privacy's always been a push-pull right, and there are arguements for and against it within a security context.

You want more surveillance to catch the bad guys, but more privacy to protect against them.

And the question of whether or not Authority (state, commerce, church, press) are good or bad has varying answers in times, places, and contexts.

I'm glad that I can cooperate with anyone on free software no matter their views. All I need is an e-mail address. I believe humans become better people when they work together and associate freely.

What better motivation to reflect and improve yourself than when you discover that the person you worked with and whose work you appreciate turned out to be someone who you were
predjudiced against.

#FreeSoftware #Opensource #GNU
@natecull @dredmorbius Reminds me that ~5 years ago I was always confused by firefox separating security and privacy in it's settings because to me, privacy depends on security and security quite also depends on privacy.


I remember - not so long ago, it seemed - that privacy was seen as an essential part of cybersecurity. Now it's definitely being cast as the villain.

I think this is actually a post-2016 development, and sadly this time it's coming from the left side of the house. But it's coming with all the force of the Bush admin, and many of the exact same arguments.


Ok that article came from ZDNet originally and didn't have a "doomed us all!" headline, but still, it's bizarre how many "infosec" people want zero privacy for anyone now.

And they're also hating on *Powershell*.

Pretty soon, having a command line is going to be seen as something only criminals do.

"People say this is the age of technology. They're wrong. This is the age of manipulation."

- Mr World, American Gods

#MrWorld, #AmericanGods

4 days into #lispgamejam and I think I'm almost done coding at 365 lines

still need a lot more level design tho

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